Is this a glitch or was it intended? (+%grenade damage affecting guns)

Some of you might not know about this but… +%Granade damage also boosts the overall damage of some weapons, and I am not talking just about the Tediore reloads.
Some of the weapons that cause splash damage get buffed by this stat (actually, the splash damage gets boosted not the bullet itself) Here:
is a short video explaining pretty much how Granade damage works, I recommend you to watch it if you don’t know how it works, it’s interesting.
Also, you can take look at this post about splash damage: [Guide] Splash damage guide
And here is a list of some of the weapons that GET boosted by grenade damage:
Assault Rifles: Kerblaster(child grenade only) Ogre Non-red text Torgue Assault rifles(Non-torgue Barrel) Hail Evil Smasher

Pistols: Thunderball fists(Main projectile only) Non-red text Torgue Pistols Unkempt Harold Hornet
Grog Nozzle Rubi Teapot Infection Pocket Rocket Basic Maliwan Pistols Tinderbox Devastator

Snipers: *none After patch, Volcano After patch, Storm

SMGs: Avenger full throw Non-Bandit Plasma Casters Florentine Hellfire Yellow jacket

Shotguns: Deliverance full throw Teeth of Terra Retcher Omen Blockhead Swordsplosion Twister Non-red text torgue

Rockets: Bunny full throw

Grenades: ALL

General: Non-rocket Tediore reloads Buzz Axe bombardier

Shields: Love Thumper nova The cradle

The original work was made by Bahroo and Blutfatal, I’m just porting it here from here: Grenade damage Resource thread

The question is, Do you guys think it was intended with a misleading tooltip or it is just a glitch? I mean cmon, your +to grenade damage is boosting your Grog Nozzle/hellfire damage? that is some fine nonsense right there.

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The developers had some choices:

  • Leave everything the way it is in the game
  • Create an additional sub-category for the applicable splash damage
  • Remove the grenade damage bonus from the game

It works as intended on most things, and doesn’t really hurt the other (relatively small number) of things it affects. So, leaving it as is seems a rational choice!


this does work i have done it so many times but i did not know it was a boster for my guns mainly my lengedary guns.

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The misleading thing is “grenade damage” since this is a bonus to splash damage, but “splash damage” isn’t as clear and straightforward as “grenade”, and it isn’t a term that is used at all in-game, so they probably used that formulation for the sake of ease of understanding.

I think it was intended, since there are like 3-6 different types of splash in the game, some affected by grenade damage bonus, some not, so they definitely could have made it to not apply if they wanted to.

I think that the fact that it applies to guns with splash is great: it makes the game more interesting and the mechanics deeper. It definitely makes some characters like Axton and Krieg more interesting.

If that helps you make sense of it, you can always think of bullets from guns with splash as tiny grenades, since they do explode on impact.


This is borderlands. There are far crazier things at work in this game.

Considering the way the devs designed some skills (like Axton’s battlefront and Krieg’s bloodbath) I would assume it was wholly intentional. Otherwise, battlefront boosting gun and grenade damage on the same skill would be a random bonus akin to the melee buff on Mind’s Eye.

Also, as was mentioned, there are at least 3 types of splash damage, and different types receive different bonuses. Some are effected by reaper, some get grenade damage boosts, others proc bloodbath. All these elaborate distinctions for splash would not be the result of an accident or drug, that was intentional design.


Doesn’t grenade damage impact the damage dealt by Torgue weapons, as it’s basically an explosive damage bonus? Swear I heard it from somewhere. But I’m too sleepy to care right now

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Only the splash part of Torgue damage gets the bonus.


bet here is another thing my innovatory is nothing but legendary weapons and most of them are plasma and the other half is normal rounds y is it all setup like that once all the legendary weapons in my innovatory it changes all my stats on the game?

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Not entirely sure what you’re asking here. However, I will note that you can change the sort order of your inventory. On XB1/360, for example, you use LT/RT to cycle through the different options. One option is to sort by value/rarity.

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i have many times but it still comes up with my lowwer level weapons was at lv69 and i am useing my PS4.

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It’s a bit difficult to figure out what’s going on without being able to see it. Since you’re on PS4, I’d suggest starting a new thread here:

You’ll probably get more relevant help from fellow PS4 players, but this current thread isn’t going to help your question’s visibility much.

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thx for the help anyway bud

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Sigh…if only the Cobra and the Carnage would get that darn “Grenade Damage Bonus”…