Is this a good tree build for a gun/meele psycho

I want to be like a bettlemage or red mage. A psycho who can shoot you as hard as he hit you with his axc and vise versa. this is the tree build I put together by looking at the skills building guide Just tell me what would make a great gun melee tree build and some tips on how to play as Krieg . Also don’t ask me what guns I’m going to use . I will play with guns I find and see if like them with my build.

Don’t spec into blood trance, put more points into bloodbath. Remove light the fuse (unless playing below OP3). 1 point in thrill of the kill is enough. What COM are you using?
Also, you have to be WAY more specific, like what kind of level are you on? What enemies will you be fighting? And so on.

This is a build that I would recommend; justification for the changes:

  • Skip Blood Overdrive over Taste of Blood since most of kill-skills duration will be wasted during RtB animation anyway, get more damage resistance instead.
  • Max out Bloodbath, it’s a lot of gun-damage while active
  • as krieg_krazy said, get 4 points from Thrill of the Kill into Feed the Meat and Empty the Rage; you already have full-health per-kills during rampage and the damage vs health scaling around lvl72 means 1/5 is enough healing while shooting.
  • If there are remaining points you could spend them into Blood-Twitch and Redeem the Soul, quicker weapon-swap works well with slag weapons while extra ffyl is aways welcome.
  • About Blood Trance, it can be either good or detrimental, depending on how reliant you are to RtB’s full-health + invincibility frames. I personally would go 5/5 with it since it adds a significant ammount of dps while rampaging aswell as not requiring you to fiddle with healthgate as often… I would really appreciate if it either wasn’t so deep down bloodlust or it was a skill from the mania tree.

Hey Mate. Welcome to the Krieg forum. Glad to have you on board.

I think the creators made sure that Krieg is heavy on one aspect for high efficacy in UVHM (to prevent him from becoming a demi-God I suspect). The advice given on creating a gun-melee build is great, but I think it’ll really boil down to the gear.

I’d argue that I have a bit of such a build, and it is almost wholly dependent on my equipment. Heavily invested in to explosive gear with an explosive loud out.

Can you give us an idea of your available gear?

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honestlly would spec out of Thrill of the Kill completely, even if it doesn’t happen verry often, having a stray bloodsplosion mess up your RTB really sucks. You can still do pretty well with guns in a build like that, you just have to dodge pretty well.

I would go this build. Gun and melee buffs.
Versatile build, with this one you can go full melee, explosive or hybrid playstyle.

You should show us the stuff you are using (weapons, shield, etc) as my good friend Giuvito said.


Depends, if you can’t get a Blood of Terra/Seraphs, putting that point in there would be helpful.

@xmngr Any reasons to skip Fuel the Blood over Blood Overdrive? as far as I know you get much higher dps out of FtB, not to mention how little use BO has with buzzaxe rampage.

Probably a miss-click because he knows better…at least he should know better. :blrage:

Misclick. I always get confused with those two skills :dukecheese:

Fix’d xD

It’s not a bad skill by any means tbh…
Nervous blood is not that needed, neither is blood twitch nor embrace the pain.

We may agree on nervous blood and blood twicth…
but embrace the pain?, i find it is quite useful with gun based builds

DPUH+sherif’s badge… NUFF SAID
That relic boosts melee Krieg by a longshot and makes DPUH even more OP.

Never liked the Sheriff stuff (i know affects the BX throwing speed)
Pistol based build could work though, but I don’t need it personally.

Me and Shure want to make a DPUH guide for K/Maya, I will accept any facts or builds that people use with DPUH on those two.

I won’t play without it.

Meh. I’d rather use a Blood of the Ancient and get the extra health over faster shooting. Besides, my DPUH usually just sits in my backpack until I feel like using it.

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Agree with wulf.
There are better ways to kill stuff

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Don’t get me wrong, I like the Harold, but I also like the Ogre, the Ravager, the Badaboom, the… Get what I’m saying? :wink:

I do
Only I am of those that the DPUH is an old method to bring bandits down with K. We must move forward.

(Oh dear, I rememver when I was B/M evangelizer xD)

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Agreed. But I think this guy ain’t played K much, so using a DPUH would be a new experience for him. @Gulfwulf

It is one of his better weapons and pretty easy to get with the Torgue DLC.