Is this a known inventory/UI bug?

In my backpack it shows a pistol but the tooltip says it’s a sniper rifle? Also, look at my class mod and it shows up as a pistol. This icon is constantly displaying random weapons instead of the class mod then it randomly fixes itself.

I have also noticed similar things happening when trying to compare items. The tooltips get all wonky and display incorrect weapons and/or is very clunky when I try to select items to compare.

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Yes. I accidentally sold a weapon I was saving for later because the two icons didn’t match and was in a bit of a rush.

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Inventory screen pales in comparison to splitscreen trade menus, in case you were wondering lol.

I think that of all the trades I’ve done with my wife only 10% of the items have ever matched the icons. Once she meant to trade me an extra purple class mod for when I start leveling my Fl4k and ended up trading me her equipped one because the menu showed the extra one as equipped lol

Doing something about the menus would probably solve most of their in game problems honestly. Hope they can pin it down sooner rather than later.

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I have also noticed random junk items marked as favorite items (like grey items I never would have set as favorite). This makes me worried that other items get marked as junk which would end up getting sold on accident.

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I see that problem with the bank. Yes, so it’s I think a well known problem. Best you can do is toggle sorting a few times, which cleans it up for me often.

Verify your sales before wandering off.