Is this a plothole?

We go to skywell and blow up the zanara. Then we take the vault key fragment that was powering the laser.
Later Rhys uses this laser to destroy the maliwan command chip. How did he do that if we disabled the laser by taking the vault key fragment?
My first guess was that the key fragment did only amp up the power of the laser and that it even works without.
But that doesn’t make sense either. In that case the laser still would have been a huge threat to the atlas HQ after we left Skywell.
Is there something im missing?

In my understanding, Rhys destroyed the Command ship with the Atlas defenses that were temporarily disabled by Katagawa disguised as Zero.

Nope, he said that Viper Drive is still in Skywell and he can use it.

From what I understand, the laser still had some power stored from the Vault Key. Doesn’t Rhys mention he’s only got one shot? So I’d say that’s some residual power.


Must have left “1 bullet in the chamber”.

Sounds quite dangerous to just leave the laser cannon while it still has one round :smiley:
But im happy with that explanation.