Is this a troll Anointment?

I don’t run Digi-Clone. Is this a useless anointment or is it a sneaky way of making the Flakker useful again?

12% of 1 ammo isn’t going to be very much :slight_smile:

I would say troll anointment.

I was hoping that the 12% of a 1 mag size would get rounded up to 1. Then it would be 1/sec. Which would make the Flakker useful.

I wish my bank account worked like that LOL.

Unfortunately anointment pools have not been adjusted to take into account the stuff that gets nerfed.

Maybe we need a troll anointment on nerfed gear thread to flag it up to the dev’s. :wink:

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Ok I canned it.

If you stall your reload enough, it does work, but it’s still not useful, haha

I think I have that anointment on an Infinity pistol somewhere,… oh thats right I left it on the ground it came from…

I’ve gotten several Infinity pistols with reload anointments. I just laugh at those.

Way too OP. Godroll anointment on that bad boy.