Is this a weapon skin?

Found this skin picture online and I have no idea where it comes from but it’s BL3

Can we unlock it?
I want this skin so bad

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That is really cool. Maybe it’s from DLC3? Also, strange gun, like a revolver without its cylinder.

I really hope so

I wanted more Tina, Brick and Mordy in the main story


An alternative explanation is this is not a gun skin at all but one of the new DLC3 guns :man_shrugging:

looks like a gun i would use <3

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I could imagine Mr. Torgue wanting to make a revolver and it coming out like this.

I just hope its fully automatic :<

If there is a (not so) Tiny Tina weapon in this game, you’d think that would be it! :boom:

there is hippitihopper already tho

Settle for ‘If there’s a Tiny Tina gun…’ then?

Isn’t it all labeled as “guns” in borderlands? :v
I’m cool with more Tina guns tho :smiley:

Guns = AR + pistol + SMG + shotgun + sniper + launcher
Weapons = guns + grenades
Gear = guns + shields + relic + class mod

At least, I * think* that’s how it generally goes with the in-game terminology (unless gear is that list minus guns?)

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Oh right that was a grenade
I was thinking of that launcher bunny something

wth, this is the gun tina holds in-game. how???

Is it?

I have never noticed

yep, she holds it or has it on her waist in-game

I think thats a modded Pocket Rocket, somebody changed the skin for Tiny Tina’s pistol skin and removed the magasize to give it “infinite ammo”.

Well that sucks, was hoping it was a coming gun skin

Yeah that gun have no barrel.
It’s a modded one using the Tiny Tina weapon Skin in game.