Is this an actual easter egg?

I know this may seem kind of stupid but its been bothering me for ages. A friend told me that in a very early version of borderlands 2 you could’ve taken the entena on top of the machine where you change you clothes and use it as a weapon. Is this true? And if it isn’t please don’t call me out on my stupidity XD.

Maybe in a bootleg version that isn’t available in our universe but as far as our universe is concerned it was not ever possible.

I have never ever heard of that being a thing in BL2. I’m now trying to think if there are any side-quests where you have to grab a part from one of the machines to do something, but all I’m coming up with is the Dr. Who easter egg in TPS. Was there something like that in BL1 where you had to assemble some parts?

Talking about early and pre-release versions of BL2…would be interesting to know more about them.
Apart from the idea that the Hyperion loaders were yellow, then became more colorful.

I know in one of the Fallout: New Vegas dlc there is a mission like that- Old World Blues is the name of the dlc…

Yeah, you’d take the X-2 antenna thingy which turns out to be the main thing you need to get your spine back.

I like loaders in Borderlands The Pre Sequel tbh.

Their texture and color is more detailed than BL 2 loaders. Talking about GUN Loaders here, not EXP/Badass or so.

The yellow in TPS is also better than the yellow in BL 2.

I’m wondering if by “early version” the OPs friend simply meant BL1?

Dunno. Well, in BL1 the most “similar to robots” were the Crimson Lance soldiers.

Woah, spoilers! :blrage:
No biggy though hopefully…

Deal widdit deal widdit deal widdit Hashtag deal widdit.


Well there’s certainly an antenna on top of the ones in BL1, and no such thing in BL2 as far as I can tell. But there’s no such quest or achievement in either game, so it’s likely you got trolled, OP.