Is this Axton's best setup for mobbing?

Max out sentry, ready, willing, and onslaught while taking scorched earth, a point in laser, and 3 points in able. Ignore duty calls but max everything else in gunpowder. Place 3 points in preparation. Use it with a sham, ferocious hail, bone of the ancients, and fastball. Use an expert grenadier class mod when the turret is down. Swap to a front line rifleman class mod (6 battlefront, 5 impact) when the turret is up. Use a pimpernel, slagga, or slow hand for slagging. You would also want a blockhead for creatures, a Harold and elementally resistant bees for bosses, a hornet for hard to hit corrosive enemies like surveyors, and a creamer. Plasma Casters and ravagers would be nice to have around as well. Any comments, questions, or suggestions on this would be much appreciated!

It depends on your playstyle. Grenade focused builds, Tediore focused builds and turret focused builds are usually the most common. I’m a turret guy, so this is the one I use: It’s a classic 26-15-26, one of the most popular specs for Axton, but there’s room for moving a few points around to fit personal preference. It performs really well for mobbing, it’s very well balanced in terms of both survival and damage output. Use it with a Legendary Soldier and you’ll be very comfortable with it. There’s no need to max out Ready when using a Leg. Soldier and Laser Sight kinda sucks. It will actually make your turret less effective, specially when you’re being swarmed by enemies.

Also, you might wanna check out some of the links in this thread: The Community Axton Guide - All you ever wanted to know. All you need to know is in there. I’m sure a few more experienced players could help you with alternate styles, tips and more in depth information.

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Regarding your build, I wouldn’t put any points into Ranger because it isn’t that great. Also, if you are going to be using a Rifleman Com, you won’t really need any points in Overload. The magazine size buff from the com will most likely be enough for what you’ll need. You might also be able to get by without maxing Expertise.

So here’s your initial build (I’m assuming you meant to put 4 points into Preparation and not 3, since everything added up to L71):

And here is what your build may look like if you decide to change it a little:

I kept the skills that were important, but when I cut out the ones that weren’t (Overload, Ranger and Laser Sight), it gave me about 11 extra points. Since you are using a Grenadier Com, I put 5 points into Grenadier to give you more Fastballs. Since Double Up was available (and only 1 point), I picked that up, too. Finally, for the last 5 points, I invested them into Pressure, which is a great skill that can end up keeping you on your feet.

The weapons you listed are all really good, but I would recommend the Omen shotgun to replace the Blockhead. The Omen receives grenade damage boosts like the Blockhead does, and it also has more “oomph.” It comes in all elements, unlike the blockhead.

Keep in mind that these are just my opinions. Feel free to let us know how it goes.

Thanks for the comments everyone! And have really enjoyed your vids triad. @ Gut0nez yeah 26 15 26 could be really good with certain gear and in certain situations, nice to ignore grenade buffs sometimes.

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And yeah Triad sorry I forgot to mention double up lol. 5% damage, crit damage, and fire rate seems useful but I l

Love your build as well. Certainly I’ll ignore laser and pump another point into able. Will be sure to get Omens. Oh and for the expert grenadier COM I meant one with Steady 6 Impact 5, but I like the idea of speccing into grenadier and having one that boosts grenadier for certain situations. Will keep longbow slag transfusions, a high level slag bouncing Betty, quasar, and storm front on hand as well. Thanks very much. Does anyone else have ideas regarding gear/build?

If you are going down the grenadier route, pick up the Bonus Package. For it’s power, it’s a pretty easy farm. Unlike the Fastball…

Also, don’t forget about dem Baby Makers. The Gunerang is also a powerful Tediore, but it is pretty tedious (haha) to farm.

I usually run three Axton specs:

1 -
This is the one I run with Legendary Soldier COM. I usually call it safe, can be used with almost all gear in the game.

2 -
This is the Torgue build. Can be used with the Gunner or Grenadier COM. Less suvivability, a lot more damage. Use mainly guns with splash damage due to all of the grenades buffs. Big Boom Blaster is a nice shield for this one.

3 -
This is my Tediore Ranger Build. Purple Chaotic Neutral COM, Magic Missile or another slag grenade. All the damage buffs arent needed due to Tediore reloads massive damage so we can invest in survivability.

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Wow everyone is so helpful on here. It’s nice. Yeah will certainly pick up longbow bonus package. Not a huge tediore fan but will get a baby maker because I know Axton is good with it. My new spec will be sentry 5, ready 5, willing 5, onslaught 5, Able 3, scorched earth, grenadier 1, double up, all damage boosts in gunpowder except duty calls, expertise 4, preparation 5, pressure 5

I don’t have anything better to do.

I can further increase my damage without the turret by 6% when onslaught is active, and damage with the turret up by 10% with onslaught active. But I would lose 30% damage and 20% damage respectively when onslaught is not active. Do you think I should do either one?

Wow just caught your pun Eel37, lol. The Gunerang is tedious to farm, but at least you get to see that psycho say “I AM RAAKMAN!” Before disappearing and sending his minions into the air. Batman Easter egg was hilarious the first time, but yeah the novelty kinda wears off after a while.

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I kinda view Onslaught as the “cherry on top”, if you will. It pushes your damage over the edge for 7 seconds, yet at the same time, it isn’t absolutely needed. So I would say that Battlefront is probably the more useful skill to invest in, but if you have enough points for it, Onslaught is always great to have.

Onslaught is great for mobbing. If you have points in Onslaught and Metal Storm, every time you kill an enemy they’re both gonna proc at the same time and you’ll turn into a fast moving DPS machine for a few seconds. It happens quite often while mobbing and it saved my ass more than a few times. But if you’re not going to spend any points in Metal Storm to complete the combo, I guess it’s a give or take thing. Most of the kill skills are kind of a give or take thing, to be honest. It’s certainly not essential, but it’s not bad at all.

I just wasn’t sure about whether to prioritize impact or onslaught when choosing my rifleman COM, and assumed expert grenadier would offer a larger DPS boost than it does. Onslaught is really nice, but I’ll try not to rely on kill skills too heavily. MOLMF did a video where he ran through washburne with a hail and leg soldier COM. Would like to see someone do a run where they swapped between rifleman COMs for maximum damage.

Triad how much of a damage increase does ranger work out to roughly (assuming you are using say, a hail or ogre with all the other damage boosts, and a front line rifleman COM)? Forbearance and overload look like the only other skills I’d be willing to put those points into. Which is more useful? Is mag lock helpful?

Well, I have the example of a Slippery Kerblaster used with a Legendary Ranger Com in my assault rifle thread (it’s near the end of the post). I basically compare the damage with 0/5 in Ranger and 5/5 (which is boosted to 10/5 with the Legendary Ranger Com) in Ranger, and even with Ranger at 10/5, the damage increase was only around 270,000 (270K), which isn’t that much.

I’ve tried 5/5 in Ranger with other guns as well, and the damage boost was pretty small. That’s why I personally don’t recommend it. There are better skills to invest in.

Speaking of skills, I would say that of the two, Overload would probably be more useful if you plan on using assault rifles frequently. Mag Lock is pretty good, too, but I personally dislike it because a bad throw can lodge it in weird positions and cause it to miss the target. Also, if the turret is placed on a wall or ceiling, it seems like it takes a few more seconds for it to acquire and fire on a target.

Forbearance isn’t all that useful. If you put points into Quick Charge, that will do a better job at canceling elemental effects than Forbearance. I’d only use Forbearance if you don’t plan on taking advantage of Axton’s shield buffing skills or if you’re planning on running with a Rough Rider. That was advice that I got from a lot of very experienced Axton players in this forum when I was working on my build, and they seem to be right. So if you’re planning on using assault rifles as your main weapons and the choice is between Forbearance and Overload, put your points into Overload.

Ok will probably take overload then. Quick charge seems a little useless when something like a sham would recharge in under a second without it. What do you think? Is quick charge really worth it? I tend to think that mag size would be superior for survivability since you never really die with able and a hail unless you stop shooting an enemy.

Well, Quick Charge is also a kill skill, so it’s hardly essential. I was just trying to tell you that it does a better job at doing what Forbearance claims to do and it’s a very good survival skill. It’s actually very useful and I like it a lot, but if your gonna spend points in a kill skill, I’d say Metal Storm should come first as the fire rate bonus is great (no need to max out on it, though). But if you have a few points left and don’t know where to put them, you could do a lot worse than Quick Charge.

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