Is this balanced? this two anointed

ASE crit damage 25%
ASE weapon damage 100%

and ‘weapon damage’ means grenade too? there’s ‘gun damage’ ‘weapon dage’ ‘just damage’ so many separated

Lets put it this way:

Your gun doing 100 damage.
Crit doing 200 then since it’s x2.

So 25% more crit from 100 would be 225 damage dealt.
Then if Your weapon gets 100% more damage You’re doing 200 instead of 100 as normal damage. Crit from this would be 400.

Minor nit pick, the first crit would be

100 x ( 2 x 1.25 ) = 250

As for weapon damage, that only applies to guns. Grenades have a seperate Grenade Damage multiplier.

All the different terms are Gearbox’s attempts at referencing different parts of the damage formula.


I knew I forgot about something :joy:

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Then it is out of balance. The gearbox needs to patch this.
crit need specific shot but even low damage

The annointments are WAY out of balance. Don’t even get me started on Amara’s annointments lol