Is this game characters have mouth animation?

if you can’t understand or hard to read my topic, I apologize. english is not my first language.

anyway, title is my question. is this game characters have mouth animation?

I missed closed beta test so don’t know in-game animation, but when I watch skill overview video, all character who have mouth, they always not using mouth or lips. they lips always closed but they can talk.

in youtube, battleborn account have 5 skill overview video, and 4 character have mouth(if toby use machine or something for talk, maybe he don’t need mouth animation but I can’t find voice machine so I want say 4 character have mouth).
and no one have or use correct mouth animation.
example: see El Dragón Skills Overview video(

I’m noob in FPS so can’t say all FPS have correct mouth animation but Team Fortress 2 and Borderlands(yes, gearbox make this awesome game) have correct mouth animation.
if someone using voice command in TF2 or when I trying to talk NPC in Borderlands, I can feel they REALLY talk, but in Battleborn video, I can’t.(all let’s play and gameplay video player want to watch other character back or butt so I can’t see front)

None of the playable characters in Borderlands move their mouths.

I know Ghalt has mouth animations, you can see them in his skill overview video.

They have mouth animations (where appropriate) at least in the character selection menu - you can “taunt” while waiting for the game to start. In actual game-play I’m usually too busy to look at faces during dialogue. I don’t think there are voice commands in this game though - there’s a “ping” function to set a flag on the mini-map, and the regular chat options, but nothing like squad commands etc.

i brought this up in beta boards that for at least the taunts animated there mouths