Is this good for Axton solo?

Just as it says on top, would you think the skills are good for me to do things solo on this character? Please tell me any tips or advice you have for Axton.

It looks to be an updated version of the basic ‘cookie cutter’ Axton build, which looks something like this at level 72:

It’s probably fine as-is, although you may want to move a few points around depending on what class mod(s) you end up using - in BL2 you have to have spent at least 1 point in a skill in order to get the +4/5/6 extra points from a COM (BL3 does this differently and just gives you the bonus.)

That build description I linked above includes some explanation of the points and a simple levelling guide, so you may want to read through that.

Any of the 72/OP8 builds from here would be a good starting point as well:

BTW, be aware that Axton’s turret(s) can be quite squishy, especially if you have raging Goliaths around (they will actually leap up and melee turrets placed on walls etc). IOW you will need to be quite tactical with turret placement. I usually go for Phalanx shield myself for a quick breather. It’s a personal thing though, as the shield can also be quite squishy.

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Yeah it’s fairly generic in terms of axton builds, so should be fine

Like VH101 said, might move a few points around based on class mods