Is this gun real? Are these numbers legit? Is this item dupped/modded?


I found this Faisor and it has higher damage than I have ever found. I don’t dupe, mod, play offline. I also limit my play with others to Slaughter arenas. I am fairly confident I found this item as a drop. I also don’t see why someone would mod this item just a little bit and then drop it. All of the modded items I have watched other players drop have radically high stats. Is this item real? Are these numbers legit? Is this item dupped/modded?

Looks legit to me, why are you doubting the weapon?
It also looks to me that you are lucky af, it almost has a 600 ilvl score, most legendaries I have found are between 450 and 550

I’ve found that in mayhem 3 there are more chances to have different stats for legendary weapons. Plus, for a Vladof rifle damage to be around 400-600 doesn’t strike me as too out of the ordinary. I keep getting drops of the Thunderball Fist (I can have such a thing?) and the damages can vary, from 600-980 or so (I haven’t found one that goes up to 1000). That seems like a legit rifle to me.

I think the Faisor naturally has a better item score than most other legendaries. But, this is a pretty well rolled one nonetheless, when it doesn’t even have an annointment.

At least better than any Faisor I have found.

i’m not sure i ever saw a cryo faisor before, nice one gz. Yes it’s legit, i’ve got an anointed one which is 621

Mahtyo - does it have the same damage numbers? Can you show me a picture?

Faisor got a 15% damage increase with last week’s hotfix. IIRC, all of mine went from somewhere around 480 before the hotfix to around 550 afterward.

That is why I ask - I have several and none of the damage changed on them. Then this one drops. I was assuming the damage numbers would change on my old weapons.

That is strange. Could you have been offline or loaded your character faster than the game connected to the server to apply the hotfixes?

I don’t play offline. Is there a way to manually check for the hotfix?

If you pause, it should let you know an update is available and ask you if you would like to go back to the menu to apply it. I usually sit idle on the menu screen until the mail icon replaces the disconnected icon then double check the xp on the mayhem modifiers once I load just to be certain.

Must have managed to acquire the worst rolled anointed faisor in the game.

It’s worth noting that cryo rolls have the highest base damage out of all the elements. I’m not sure whether it does as much as a non-elemental roll though.

Reaallly…I didn’t know that cryo rolls have higher base damage. I do know that elemental damage tends to be lower than a non-elemental damage roll. That could be what I am seeing here.