Is this Hide any good?

Got this while working on different methods to kill Terra.

Not being a melee player at all…I have no clue if this one is any good.

What say you??

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Try it out! That’s the only way to find out what YOU think. I’m sure it will do the job. The shield you have there seems to fit a melee character.

I agree - that awesomely long delay is great for melee. Time to respec!

That’s not the best you can get, but it’s not far off either.

well, that’s… pretty bad, actually.
An all Maliwan Hide at OP8 has 2158026 roid bonus, so there’s that; most of all, though, you need it to be grounded to take full advantage of it.

It might be easier to get a decent Love Thumper; to get

I spent about 200 hours opening that box: it’s not perfect (battery is Hyperion and not Maliwan) but I beated almost anything at OP8 with it.
With a bit of luck maybe you’ll get something similar in less time; finding a grounded Hide seems so much harder.

There also is the Order, reward of BFF in Sanctuary: it’s a more traditional roid shield with a slightly higher max roid bonus than the Thumper.


Delay’s nice and long, but without being Grounded or Inflammable it’s kinda meh.

Still a nice drop though!

I just got a Hide myself the other day with Krieg- I’ve no idea what the parts are (and it’s only level 72, as is Krieg) but I doubt that I’ll ever get an Alkaline, Inflammable or Grounded version (unless I farm him with Sal)…

What about Alkaline? Is it just far less encountered?

Grounded is useful to prevent shock DOT when stripping your shield with a shock grenade.

Inflammable is useful also because fire DOTs are way more dangerous than corrosive DOTs.

Hope it helps

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But isn’t it longer? I know it would be less damage since the Vault hunters are Flesh. But I would think at OP8 even the corrosive is deadly.

  • If you are not doing melee, no there are better shields
  • If you are fully committed to doing melee, its one of the best.
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Well thanks guys…

I don’t melee…but I thought I might try it…someday.

But I thought it kind of odd that in literally over a 1000 runs of Terra over the years with my Commandos and Maya…

I had NEVER gotten a Hide…ever. All the other stuff sure… Teeth, Breath, Pitchfork, Relic, Mods,…you name it and lots of it…but never a Hide.

5th run with Zer0 I get a Hide.

Do you think the game might favor this drop for a Zer0 Charecter…or at least a good melee character…Kind of like chests have a ton more mods in them of your character type instead of other charecters.

And all this talk about getting an Elemental version…you guys must be joking. How are you getting those versions? Trading for them? The software that will not be named??

I mean trying to farm Terra for a specific Hide at OP8 would be seemingly near impossible.

I doubt it- the other two Hides I have were both farmed by Sal…

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Ahhhh so Sal must kill Terra quick enough to make farming Terra viable…correct.

I have never played a Gunzerker.

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You can always start a Krieg or Gaige :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:



Pimp/RL gets rid of OP8 Terra in about 15-25 seconds from spawn

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@ChemicalConundrum once told me the chances of getting a max roll grounded hide of terra to drop were roughly equivalent to winning the lottery.

I myself did hundreds upon hundreds of runs looking for one and only ever found a single, solitary hide and it was absolute garbage. It was this awful experience that pushed me to use gibbed for the first and only time.


Farming for a Hide with Zer0 is out of the question…at least to me. For me…I can Kill Terra as Zer0 but I’m slow…

Bee/Luyda/Sandhawk/LadyFist/Fire Kitten/Chaotic Neutral…I can usually kill him at the Masher Tentacles…with Legendary Sniper I can’t seem to kill him until the Black Hole phase.

No Bee/Lyuda/Conference Call/LadyFist/Fire Kitten/Chaotic Neutral…takes me two full cycles

Hard to die though …if you use the Fire Kitten correctly.

Tried the pre-stacking of CA and it just seemed like a LOT of work for one kill.

Buuuuut…he still kills Terrra quicker than I ever could with my Commando’s…but he can die waaaaay more easily. One slip and ouch. With Axton, you can make sveral mistakes and still get through the fight…with Zer0…not so much…LOL

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Sal is good on Vorac as well… How I got my Interfacers was a night that two random Gunzerkers showed up and asked me if I needed help with Vorac I got a nice set of Interfacers that night and those guys played with me on and off for almost 3 hours.

KhimeraKiller taught me a way to farm Vorac later…but it involves Flakker/Ahab and the Double Shot trick…so it is not exactly a “sporting” way to do it but farming Vorac any other way would be really hard.

I’ve only done it as a Commando…but it may work just fine on Zer0 with his FastHands Skill

A quick look at the numbers says that the chance the hide is perfect parts and correct level is 0,000074822… when you get one to drop on a kill.

When you add in that the kill only has 10 % (?) chance to drop anything from his loot pool which consists of 12 different items (unless the slayer mods are also considered to be in his pool. Can you get double slayer mods? That would make it worse).

The odds become 0,000000624 so about 6 in ten million unless I made any mistakes in there.