Is this intentional?

I’ve noticed that injection has a knock back. Is that suppose to be that way? It doesn’t really fit his play style as an assassin Imo.

At the very slightest, sometimes it dont happen, I don’t see how it conflict his playstyle

If he’s chasing someone then pushing in the direction they’re moving doesn’t help.

It does not push them far at all, they will still be in range and are slowed

I beg to differ. From my experience, they’re pushed back a substantial amount and with how slow he is uncloaked, it really is more of a detriment.

Not really, I play him all the time, now the kill knockback is crazy

Kill knockback sends them flying which is pretty funny but doesn’t matter. Anyways, injection simply shouldn’t have a push back. Deande’s burst dash used to have one and now it’s gone from what I’ve been told.

It’s fine it’s barely noticeable, even as the enemy

I’ve never noticed. And I have him mastered lol

It shouldn’t have any push back though. It makes zero sense.

It’s fine just leave it how it is

Again, it doesn’t fit his play style as a stealth assassin and it doesn’t make any sense.

It’s just fine just let it be since it ain’t noticeable

It’s noticeable. Even if it isn’t noticeable at first, it makes absolutely ZERO sense that it even has push back. I’m sure no one ever noticed Deande’s at first but it got changed anyways. It should be no different for Pendles.

Dude it’s ok, it ain’t noticeable to the enemy most of the time, no point in changing something with no issue

“to the enemy”. That’s not the point. They may not notice it but it still helps in their escape.

It does not help though, it’s miniscule at BEST

Exactly. It doesn’t help. There’s no point in having it.

Its noticeable, as a Deande player, the pushback really messes you up. It practically helps them get away. I hope they remove the pushback. There is no point in having it.

The way the physics work in this game if you hit someone with injection while they are under some other force the slight knock back could be more significant. Have you ever been pulled by Gali while you are above her? I have and I went from the sniper perch on my side of overgrowth to my enemy’s choke point in a quarter of a second. Another time I used a concussive explosive charge from Earnest to send an Alani higher in the sky than Caldarius, Benedict, or Melka could ever dream of.

Something like jumping in the air before getting hit with injection would potentially move you out of melee range.

@cadecampbell This was kind of addressed to you since you are playing the Devil’s advocate