Is this legit? Monarch I got from a trade

So I got a Monarch via trade that’s Mayhem 10 with a weird grip accessory, is this legit? I’ve never seen guns besides Hyperion shotguns with free floating parts.

Probably no, but maybe it’s just a bug. Show the whole screen with item card. Also how it looks in parts inspection.

Console is downloading some games right now so I’ll post another image once it’s done, thanks for the reply. Sure hope it’s just a bug.

Here’s some shots of it

One of Vladof’s grip can spawn with two accesories, but I’m not sure it can spawn on Monarch. In the parts list they are not linked to grip so someone made that gun.
It has pretty much legit stats, so you can say it’s legit-ish.

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It looks like something that should only be spawning on a shotgun with a vertical fore-grip. Really weird, and pretty sure it’s not legit.


Dang and I traded a Backburner for it too, well guess I’ll just farm one for myself. Thanks.

Well what I learned at least is that I can always use the forums to double check, also I’m gonna be more cautious with trades.

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I bet there would be someone trade ya for a nice Backburner on the trading sections on here!

Yup be careful of who you trade with. You never know what you will get in return. If you see something suspicious drop the item(s) and leave.

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