Is this normal, cause haven't seen it before

Found a assault oberkill shorty by Bandit with - 1.0 accuracy? Now I know about prefixes having negatives but general gun stats.? Took a picture but don’t know to add it with the new forums

Just paste the picture into the edit window (and you can edit your post to do so by clicking on the pencil icon in the row at the bottom of your post) The site will upload and resize as necessary (cool feature!)

How about how to do it using mobile browser? Cause opening the page in desktop mode ain’t allowing it

You should be able to upload images directly from your phone. In the comment box, you should see the word “upload” on the botton right. Tap it.
Then you should be given the option to select an image within your phone :smile_cat:

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I have to use Chrome or Firefox on mobile to get pictures to upload.

Hmm, accuracy can go negative if you fool around in GearCalc especially on shotguns. But I always thought in-game it showed it as 0.0, post the pic

there we go

Saw a few like that in both BL2 and TPS (360). It’s normal but certainly very odd.

Thank you @Kitty_Jo, upload finally worked

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