Is this one of the worst designs for couch CO-OP on PS4? Suggestions?

I just got this game to play with my partner. We are massive Borderlands fans.

This game is honestly nothing compared to Borderlands.

Firstly, the fact that you need to complete the prologue twice and not being able to skip the initial cinematic scene is a huge let-down.

We did all that to be able to play together, but when we got to the campaign, we faced a massive sidebar with a minimap that takes up 1/3 of the screen. We have a 40inch LED Panasonic TV, yet the writing in augmentations when you level up is extremely small. We cannot read it unless we stand up and stare at it closely.

When we look at each other, the color outline on the characters is so thick, that we can barely see the definition of the character itself.

I have done a bunch of research afterwards and found out that many other players are complaining about how absurd it is for the minimap/sidebar to occupy so much space on the screen and how silly it is for every player not being able to skip the prologue cinematic scene, at the very least.

Personally, the worst really is the mini-map/sidebar situation. Why is nothing being done on this? As a designer myself, I can tell that this is quite poorly designed and not as user-friendly. What are your guys thoughts?

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Should this be in the PS4 category?

(Moved to PS4, so I guess so, lol)

Not it isn’t anything like Borderlands. It never was advertised as such. It’s always been advertised as a first person hero-based shooter game. The only similarity with Borderlands is that both are made by Gearbox.

Split screen really isn’t great as you said. It is surprising that it got through development and testing as it currently stands. The devs are aware that players are unhappy with it. However, I think they have said somewhere that it would take quite some work to redesign/fix things. Players keep hoping that they do but I would suspect that it may be some way off before this happens, if at all.


I know, but they are both made by Gearbox and have very similar aspects/coding. However, the design of this game is far worse. I like the game itself and I think you’re right, they won’t fix it anytime soon. I’ve seen people complaining for a while now and they haven’t responded to it yet. Quite disappointing.

After a while playing with my bf co-op you get used to it… And remember the hélix options.

We hate it too, its just awfull but w.e we like the game

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Good tactic to sell more copies…

Yes the screen isn’t the best, but the fact that it’s couch co-op makes up for it.
Far too many games these days dont.

Allows the wife and I to game together so we got over it pretty quick.