Is this Planning Site Accurate?

I know we are still days away from release.

But I am being encouraged by GB to go to the below site to “plan my next build”

I also have been told that this site has errors and is not properly updated with skill changes which just seems…odd to me…from a AAA company. Also, when I did a quick comparison…it seemed pretty up to date.

What was “different” in my quick comparison was:

Specialist Bear dropped from 60% back to it’s original 25%…

Stainless Steel Bear no longer gives additional armor or maximum fuel…now only a damage buff…the other two areas are listed now at 0% boost…which also seems very odd. Why even list them if at 0%??

Can anyone confirm whether the website is accurate? I asked @Noelle_GBX but got no response. @VaultHunter101

How can I plan if I don’t have accurate data?

It’s not like I am the CDC :grinning:

That’s out of my purview, I’m afraid. I really hope those changes to Specialist and Stainless Steel Bear aren’t real, as that would suck.


Let’s hope it’s just a bug or something, cause nerfing “core” skills just before the new paid ones launch is gonna look really bad for them, and a lot of people will be pissed lol.

There’s also another, fan made page, BL3 skills, this one is always up do date with all changes to skills, but they haven’t put the new skill trees yet.

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That happened a few months ago. The stats online reverted to the original prebuffed values out of the blue. Can’t remember but it may have been when they killed the VIP site, or it was after it had mysteriously gone down for a few days.

Either way, it was never fixed. And now they’re just tacking on the new trees without fixing the old ones.


I hear ya…but they have virtually all of of the stats I cross checked as correct.

Stuff like Torgue cross promotion…didn’t that get buffed After the VIP site went down?

Same for the additions to Scrappy And the health addition to Rushin Offensive ?

In fact the only two I found that were incorrect were related to iron bear.

And with all of the additions to iron bear in the NEW skill tree…and a lot of complaints from the more hardcore that IB is OP

Makes me suspicious that they did make some changes

Take a quick look and let me know what you think.

Click, Click and Hammerdown Protocol also seem to be reflecting their pre-buff values

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They look the same as they did back when they reverted as far as I can tell.


Thanks! Seems like just a “false positive” at this point :grin: