Is This Possible

OK, I started some other characters, on Moze right now, and I was thinking…

Is it possible to get to level 65 on “normal” mode, using, of course, all the DLSs and ALL the side missions?

Also, while I have gotten all the Typhon logs as of now, I will NOT get the Typhon loot caches until I get to level 65.

SO, Is this little quest of mine doable???

{{PS: Yes, I am an {butt}hole to myself}}

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Yes - in my experience you get to 65 around the middle of DLC3. My typical progression for this was to finish main story around L37 - no hunting for crew challenges, clearing all maps or looking for caches. Ignoring side quests that are out of the way.

Then I usually would start increasing Mayhem to M2,4 or 8, just to keep modifiers manageable. Same with DLCs - not trying to 100% anything. Also - ignoring Trials , takedowns, and not farming XP or bosses. No XP boosting relics either.

With my last couple of VHs I set Mayhem to 11 from DLC1 - probably will get to 65 even faster. I like that in BL3.


By normal mode, do you mean just the first story playthrough or do you mean without Mayhem Mode?
As for the first story playthrough, that’s quite easily doable. But without Mayhem might be pretty much impossible because enemies don’t scale with your level otherwise and you get less xp for enemies below your level.

It is possible. I did it, to be exact, with my Moze (haha…). I don’t remember if I turned on Mayhem mode while leveling, but sure that would help reach level 65 even faster. Guess I had it, because otherwise reaching level 65 would have been an eternity. As for the Typhoon drops, and for the other challenges, I’m sure I cleared the ways to the chests and the areas sorrounding the challenges with Mayhem turned off, switched to Mayhem 10 after that, map loaded again, without mobs or anything, and I got legit Mayhem 10 drops from chest and rewards for the challenges.

Edit: of course, I did the challenges on level 65. I suggest doing that.

With DLC’s, doing side quests I think it should be possible to reach 65.

You don’t really have to wait with typhon drops as they never really give that much great loot anyway (you’ll get more world drop legendary then you’ll probably get from those chests)

I do suggest holding off on crew challenges until 65… As it is now there’s only 1 chance to get those weapons (appart from trading but I doubt many people farmed for those)
There’s ways around them but nothing official.

What I did when I finished NVHM was just farm Pandora in TVHM until I reached 65 (you can reset both separately so you won’t lose progress at least)

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Thank for everyone!
That is my next mission, get to level 65 in “normal”/first-playthrough.

Also, have a merry Christmas!

{{Also, mayem mode slightly disappointed me, as I thought mayhem would do a full restart of the game}}

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TVHM is a new playthrough :wink:

Even without mayhem active everything will scale to your level (including quest rewards)

NVHM caps at 30 iirc.

You can also reset your progress at any time (you can skip the claptrap part at the start) but like I allready said, crew challenges are ONCE per character :wink: hamerlock’s hunt, ember’s chalange and torgue’s thing in DLC1 (I don’t think they added those in Dlc2 appart from the pearl)

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That’s news to me. Somehow my characters got to anywhere between level of 36 and 46 by the end of the main story (DLCs excluded), depending how thorough they were at exploring maps etc.

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Woops sorry forgot to mention it’s the items that cap at the 30 in NVHM (not sure if they also cap when mayhem is active)

My bad :sweat_smile:

Don’t know if enemies also cap at 30 :wink: been for ever since I’ve made a character

Not true about items or enemies either :slight_smile:

May be you are thinking of previous games?

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Hmm they changed it then :rofl:

I remember that I started TVHM so I could get the quest items at lvl 50 because they where stuck at lvl 30 before :sweat_smile:

In normal and non-mayhem, the maps are “locked” to whatever level you were when you first entered them, with a few exceptions. This means that everything in that location (enemies, loot, vending machines, crew challenges, etc) will stay at that level.
If you’re below the recommended level for the main story missions, the maps get locked to the recommended level, I believe, and sanctuary gets reset to your level every time you enter it. There’s a couple of missions that reset the level lock on maps too, like when you kill the second mouthpiece.

So in answer to the original question, yeah it’s doable, even without mayhem, though it might be tedious. You’d just have to do every side mission as you went and explore every map thoroughly, before moving on, so you max your level and the next map gets locked to a higher level. If you’re avoiding mayhem, grab every crew challenge as soon as you can (otherwise save them for level 65 M10/11).
To be fair, even if enemies are underleveled, you can still get xp from them, for a few levels, so if you struggle you could replay maps a few times to level up more before moving on.

However you do it, Good Luck and have fun. =]

dont know how you play the game but i do manage to get to lvl 60ish when i finish the base game
though i also do a few things aside from main quests