Is this still in beta?

So another week and another set of changes, for better or worse, and the game is still not where Gearbox want it.
Everytime someone comes up with a good build it gets nerfed, and now bosses health is being reduced because characters damage output is being crushed to match the weakest character.

What is the final game supposed to be as gearbox are certainly unhappy with what they released?


I guess we’ll find out what the game is supposed to be in a few months - years time when the game is out of beta so to speak. All I know is it’s not the traditional Borderlands I loved.
What is clear is that there are two main camps when it comes to balancing
Those who enjoy having “op” gear and skills like in previous games who will tell the other group to “not use “op” stuff if you want a challenge”.
Those who want a completely balanced and challenging game for everyone who will tell the other group to “put the game on easy mode and play the first playthrogh”.

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True, but the arguing and debating shows how passionate all sides are for the game, borderlands has been fun to play to see how to break it with op builds, but there’s always the option to use them or challenge yourself by trying something different.

Speaking personally I like a challenge, but after a crap day at work there are few things better than causing op carnage in a fun game.

It would be the most stable beta I’ve ever been part of…


Mmhmm…with a recurring hex that took 200 hours to get and a millisecond to disappear.

one of these days I ll learn and accept that new games coming out today are basically the equivalent to what I know as “beta” state. Wait half a year and reap the benefits. I m patient with almost anything else in my life already…and I am in computer games too but I was willing to give Gearbox a chance…my fault really

Well not anymore :slight_smile:


It seems like they release the a hotfix just before weekends so they can monitor how we react.

Our goal is to make sure all three Action Skills for each Vault Hunter are viable

If your goal is to make every build underperforming or just useless then here you go, you are on your way. The Dev who is working on the balance of the game should get replaced, just give him other stuff to do where he can’t do any harm.

It also seems they have no idear what they are doing. I wonder how they managed to even create this game and I thought “this game will be the only game I want to play for the next months/years” oh how wrong I was.

Looking at the last Hotfix:

  • Means of Destruction now has a re-trigger delay of 2 seconds.
  • Leave No Trace now has a re-trigger delay of 2 seconds

They just add a 2 second cooldown to everything without even thinking, it really feels like they don’t know their own game. At this point it’s not even about “balancing” the game or action skills like they say, it’s all about killing builds. I am not mad about “balance” changes but these changes are so laughable. It makes no sense. They just made a lot of good guns useless now. People farmed hours and hours for them. We don’t get paid for your stupid beta Gearbox.

I can’t … I just can’t and I am not willing to give them any more “useful” feedback, they won’t listen anyways and just roll some dice.

“the shitstorm is rising get to high ground”


Yeah I was excited about farming queen’s call when everyone said it’s good. Got 2 after nerf haha.

Right now I’m not too sure what weapons are good. I feel people are afraid to say because they will nerf it.

I’m using two great weapons for Amara and 2 great ones for my Zane.

Just don’t know if there are better ones as community forum users are fearful haha

Sad but true

Surprisingly big number of weapons are good on Amara :slight_smile:
For SMGs : Crossroad/Hawkin/Bitch
For AR : Far too many
For Shotguns : Anything thats not jakobs really will do a decent job.

Just do a couple of loadouts for different Mayhem modifiers and you will be flying.
Same goes for every character.Have fun dude.

I kill kata ball in under 2 mins with everything stacked against me in MM3 so enjoying it. It’s not a. Cheese build but I run around one shotting

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Nice,all you need if I remember was shock and corrosive.So it should be easy pickins with 2xAR,2xSMG or 2xShotties with element matching.Have fun,dude.

The bosses are being nerfed to make the game more accessable to newer players.

Normal story mode bosses aren’t used as a benchmark of how powerful characters are anyways. They aren’t raid bosses, just your regular old Wilhelms and Bloodwings and the Warriors and if you haven’t noticed a LOT of players have been complaining on the forums about how difficult they are…

New blood that hates losing,its a good thing if you look on the bright side.Raids will teach everyone to calm down if they still stick around.
All we can do is help and secretly laugh because it happened to us on Atari and NES :smiley:

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It happened in BL2 as well. But at least BL2 did release with an Invincible.

Don’t you know,they say the new invicible is the anointed militant now. :smile:
Aslong as there is something that keeps the wheel for them its fine.


Bro perfectly said but I wish it wasn’t true. Hopefully they will see all the feedback, swallow their pride, and make proper changes or at least revert all the bad ones until then.

I haven’t pre-ordered or bought a special edition in a few years, went for it with this, and regretting it, in a way. It was fun, it will be fun, when it recovers from the nerf pendulum swing into a boost.

Last game I’ll buy before or on release.