Is this supposed to happen?

I’m sure you can guess by what is wrong with this picture.
I do have all the lore completed but clearly I shouldn’t even have both the skin and the title. Not complaining about this, but just find this weird. Anyone else that this has happened to?

Huh, what platform are you on? I didn’t complete my last Phoebe lore challenge until I hit level 15, I used the last game before master to get the 2k Blade Rush damage. Had I known this I would have done her lore challenges sooner lol.

I’m on PC (You can see that in the lower right corner of the first picture =P ).

Thing is, all the ‘Master of XX’ requirements are the same. I had to reach Rank 15 to get my Master of Caldarius today. Right after I worked on Phoebe and got this prematurely. This hasn’t happened to my other completed lore characters such as Attikus/Orendi/Deande, just Phoebe.

I also got the skin and title for just doing the lore without getting to rank 15. However, I did not get the taunt that should be unlocked by lore. Weird problem.

Have you sent a support ticket about this?

Yeah I’m quite it’s not supposed to happen, but every Phoebe player seem to have unlocked Master sooner than expected. Same for me - unlocked at 12 when I finally found my last Marquis to play with ( can you believe I had issues finding a Marquis? :stuck_out_tongue: ).
I think level 8 is the lowest I’ve seen though.

This happened to me as well. As soon as I finished lore I got master of Phoebe. I thought it was odd, but considering I will get that rank 15 soon it didn’t bug me.