Is this the best Galilea loadout for PVE?

What’s the best loadout for Galilea to make her a PVE tank and how should I go about trying to get the gear?

Regen, damage reduction, and max health would make her the tankiest, but you look as if you want to go all out killing. You have no stats for tanking. Skill damage is really bad on her, as she barely deals any skill damage. And to get gear for PVE, play PVE! Good luck!

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pve and solo? Just a full legendary loadout for the most efficiency.

If not solo, this is pretty decent, but why would you select a -damage% one - I dunno…

I would choose hp regen, attack speed and attack damage for her loadout for pve.

You look like you’re gearing her for DPS, but if you want survivability then this is what I use on my brawler Galilea that allows her to even take on 100 OPS at 3 player difficultly with relative ease. A good/perfect mix of survivability and DPS, as you still need to kill stuff to prevent it from damaging you. Aka my kind of tanking

If you want DPS gear I can share that too, but I wouldn’t recommend it for 100 OPS.

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AoE weaken and universal damage amp, yes please. If you want a full explanation on why I choose this gear specifically or if you want my helix feel free to ask.

Three things as to why you might pick skill damage on Gally, especially for a brawler Galilea.

  • It increases the healing you get from Chaotic Infusion on Desecrate.
  • It increases the healing you get from your Ult.
  • And since Corruption is dealing more damage, you steal more health with it. Also at level 10 you become a walking Marquis “Time Killer” at max stacks. So it’s not necessarily a bad idea to have skill damage when you take these 3-4 things into account.
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While those are a few solid points, I still feel as if she would benefit more from, for example, a Blissbeast Skull Plate


I would go regen, max health and attack speed/damage, then if you’re finding you need more, you can go on a playthrough by playtrhough basis as to whether you need the healing helixes or damage helixes in her tree.

I use the following gear for Gali;

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very good mixture of Tanky and Offensiveness. All gear provide both health AND DPS boosts.

Yeah if it was purples I’d pick the Eldrid damage reduction over the Jennerit skill damage. But with the legendaries I get nothing but survivability with the Blissbeast, and a legendary effect that procs less and less the higher your skill level is.

Everything has diminishing returns, so if you can do nothing but look at that Ronin as you can’t kill each other everything is fine. But if another one joins and then another one, without killing the first fast enough, then you’ll eventually get over run.

Now with my balanced loadout the Ronin may hurt a bit more, but with my DPS I’ve killed the first one before the second comes. Thus making me better at tanking the next engagement as I have mitigated 50%-34% of the damage out put they can deal.

My suggestion was more for a balanced brawler, not a brick that does nothing but tank damage and hope her teammates do the killing for her. So I looked for gear that gave me both of the types of tanking I desired and I came upon the Bola’s Target Finder.

  • Even if they do barely any damage the Bola’s increased the damage of my stun and my Ult.
  • Increased the damage of my decent damage passive, thus increasing its life steal.
  • Increased the healing on my Ult and Desecrate
  • Increased my attack speed
  • Increases the damage of everything my team deals within my passive’s bubble 24/7. My passive, Ult, stun, primary, IDtGA, quick melee, and everything my team does to enemies my skills have hit.


  • 8.4% damage reduction for my health, shield, and physical shield.
  • 7 hps
  • 14 hps for 10 seconds if lose 25% of my max health. And I don’t think is can stack, but I’d need to test it.

So my gear is more about making her a balanced brawler over making her a class that she is not. I get gear that increases the survivability and damage of myself and my team.

  • Bola’s
  • 4.2% damage reduction for my health, shield, and physical shield.
  • 14 hps
  • Attack damage for my primary and IDtGA.
  • 98 shield to help keep IDtGA up.
  • And a now AoE 10% weaken that also helps my teammates.

She isn’t a tank and you stand to gain nothing from building her that way. I know the OP asked for a tank, but I just assumed he didn’t know moba terms and simply wanted a tanky Gally. Or if he did I was more leading him towards a brawler route. As a Blissbeast will make you more of a tank, but she doesn’t need it/it doesn’t fit her.


And just a word of advice, max health on PvE Galilea is really a bad thing. Her current ~1500 at level one is plenty for all scenarios and anymore simply hurts your DPS because of IDtGA. You’re better off with something like max shield, damage reduction, ect…

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That’s a very good point. I was thinking pretty close minded while Bola’s and Pacifier can make a lot around you more useless

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Thanks for all the feedback guys :slight_smile:

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I disagree, skill damage does indeed work on her, i usually run an attack and skill gear, both with attack speed on melee hit and the leechsteel broach, which makes forsaken grounds hurt a lot and i get a lil bit of healing on top of my passive lifesteal. It also affects how much life you get back on her ult. Use it ona minion wave or a group of pve npcs and everything melts. [quote=“khimerakiller, post:4, topic:1551372”]
It increases the healing you get from Chaotic Infusion on Desecrate.

and yes! sometimes i think i’m the only gally that uses Chaotic infusion

Yeah, at the time I was thinking tanking gear only, so typically chaotic infusion would be the obvious pick. I just feel like there are better options for tanky Gally (regen and damage reduction being foremost, past that skill damage could work, but considering how low damage corruption is (I’m aware of how it can be decent when it hits so many people) even heal power could be better as it benefits chaotic infusion and ult more)

Yeah I’ve used nothing but Chaotic Infusion in PvE since the beta. And when I dabbled in PvP I went with the silence, but after the buff to Last Light and health regen I’ve been using my brawler build with Chaotic Infusion in bot games and I’m even harder to kill than 10/13 Bolder.

Honestly I use regen and damage reduction(blissbeast skull plate) with a shard generator(solo story is veil manipulator) at level 5 I take attack speed and at level 4 I go silence or damage. Killing things isn’t an issue