Is this the Siren only anointment or a new one?

I’ve seen a similar Siren anointment. Is this supposed to be that one or is this an actual anointment?

Its the 1 that was originally 20% that did 40%; dont know if they fixed it but it was still doing 40 when it started saying 75

I too have found a few of this anointment and was wondering. Is this Siren only?

Soooo… Is it the Siren anointment and not showing that it’s Siren only or is it an anointment for all characters?

I believe so yes; the only other 75% that i can think of is “status effect damage and chance”, which is a general anointment; my guess is this is just a typo

Damn… I was hoping it was legit.

It’s Siren only, so if you trade for it then it’s modded.

It dropped while farming Graveward. I held onto it hoping it was a new universal anointment or something. Thought I could use it on my Fl4k. Oh well. Trashed it.

Then it could be just a visual bug.

It’s siren only. A YouTube’s tested it and the older 40% anoint. The 40% actually did 20% damage and the 75 does nearly 40% . :smiley:

This annoint is visually bugged and the “anointed siren” text does not show properly on cards that have a lot of things written on, just another antiquated bug that will be probably corrected for game of the year version :rofl: carry on


Yeah the card is just too crammed and so the “Anointed Siren” line was lost. If it was for all VH’s it should say “Anointed.” but it doesn’t do that either, the line is just missing completely.

edit: just took a look in my safe, that line is missing pretty often actually.

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I had a Butcher with the same issue, I never tried it out with anyone but had to assume it was the Siren anoint only after I saw a different weapon that properly had the “Anointed Siren” text.

Sadly it is a Siren only anointment. I was all excited when I got a Cryo Laser Sploder with that anointment, then after digging and asking some questions discovered yes, that is Siren only.