Is this what the bank corruption looks like? Help please!

So I got a message that the game crashed. Then after that I had a message about my local and cloud games were out of sync (cloud being older than my local files) so I selected local to update it. The only new save file was a new character that I created and didn’t even care about anyway. Well now this is what my original character’s bank looks like (he is 50 with all SDUs purchased.

I have read about people’s bank disappearing so is this what it looks like?

Can anyone explain what might be going on with my inventory? I actually had some save file backups so I copied them over to my save folder. That created a cloud sync problem again so I uploaded my local files to the cloud but when I log in I’m back to this same mess where the game thinks I have no bank SDUs even though I purchased them all.

Have you reported this via the Help section of the forum? I’ve read about this happening and most cases are able to be resolved. I assume you’re on PC since you say you were moving saves around. I’m on console and there’s no way to manually save. Are you able to do that on PC? I worry about putting items in the vault/bank, but at this point I have no other option. My fear is by putting my best stuff in the bank that it’ll be gone one day like you experienced. The haunting event is a perfect example of extreme gear management. We pretty much have to use the terror-related gear and need to have someplace to store the other stuff. Hope you get your issue figured out.

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Thanks. No this is the only thread I have made.

Can anyone explain how the cloud sync works? I have a backed up save file from 10/12/19 on my main character (the one who purchased all the SDUs). When I copy over my existing save file and try to launch the game it says there is a cloud sync problem and do I want to download the cloud version or upload the local version. However the date for the local file it shows isn’t matching the modified date of my local file and after entering the game it’s still showing me with no SDUs?

This game is so F*ing bugged it’s a joke. Can’t believe I paid 100 dollars for this ■■■■.

Theres a Borderlands 3 Tech Support section of this forum for PC, Xbox and PS. You’d probably have more of a chance for a tech type to see it if you post there, but just remember to give them details, system you’re playing on, and expand on how you got to having your vault empty.

I don’t understand what is happening. I turned cloud saves off. Copy my backed up save file over to the save folder and log in but it still shows my inventory all jacked up. WTF is happening?

Well I think I fixed it. I think the issue is for whatever reason when I created a new character and then the game crashed it for whatever reason applied my new character SDU status to all my characters. This actually changed my profile.sav file. I turned off cloud save. I removed my new character save file and then copied in all my other character save files including my profile.sav and now my SDU status seems to be back to normal. What a cluserf#*k.