Is Thorn one of the most overpowered characters?

This is just a personal opinion but I think if you get a player who is good as thorn using the right setup she’s one of the most OP characters and definitely the most overpowered range character.

No. She and Marquis both toss out loads of damage, but are easy to push off if not kill. Strongest all around ranged character is a good oscar mike or isic probably, though really all 4 plus Shayne are pretty close in terms of effectiveness.

I agree about marquis but not Thorn, you can play thorn as a front line character if you increase health regen and max health, I haven’t actually played as Oscar Mike yet

Oscar Mike is OP and almost takes no real skill if you do it right. Oscar Mike. 'Nuff said

I think all of the characters in the game are good when played right, as long as your team isn’t complete potato you’ll be fine

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I agree lol. Oscar Mike to me is just op because as soon as you equip the gear and skills, it’s just point and shoot.

Even Kelvin? I couldn’t make him work at all last night lol

I don’t necessarily think that Thorn is overpowered. Honestly, before I learned how to play her I thought she was a little underpowered, but I stuck with and forced myself to suck with her until I figured it out. I’m strong with her now, but it’s only because I invested time and effort into making myself learn her. To me an OP character is someone anyone can wreck with with only a little effort. Thorn is strong, but she needs a strong player behind her to make it happen, so I feel that that makes her fair. To exemplify this, I went from 0/7/3 with her in my first ever game, learned her over the course of the week, and most recently helped carry a team of four to victory over a full team five by going 12/3/17. She’s definitely a skill character, and that alone keeps her from being truly overpowered, IMO.

I’ve had the opposite experience, but I’m still trying to figure out a LOT of stuff in this game.

I played Marquis first, and successfully completed Algorithm solo even though I had absolutely no idea what I was doing. I tried Thorn later, and didn’t make it - even with health regen, if anything gets remotely close you are very squishy. Maybe after playing both a lot more, things might turn out differently.

Yeah have a bit if a biased opinion on Thorn I’ve got her to level 15 :joy: it’s because I’ve put the time in to change her build and gear loadout when I get to rank 10 in a match she has 2k health and rediculous health regen

Hey I’ve seen someone dominate as kelvin before, I even saw a Toby player who knew how to play and made the game pretty hard

Yeah. I can’t decide if she or Phoebe is my favorite, tbh. Also ditto on the toby thing. He doesn’t wreck or anything, but he can set up and make it hell to get in on a sentry. Dude can wall like nobody’s business when done right.

Yeah Toby is an excellent defender, I think it took me about about 15 minutes to kill him, but once he’s down and on the Baxkffot it’s harder to set up a defensive spot

Yeah he’s pretty easy to take out on the chase, plus his crit spot seems to be much easier to hit. I suppose it’s due to it being located at the center of mass of the character, which is where I tend to aim.

I like using Thorns blight as a major attacking move I’ll buff the hell out of blight every time I play great for CC aswell

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Yeah no kidding - he was REALLY pathetic in the Closed Beta, and they went WAAAAYYY too far in buffing him - he’s OP as fk right now.

It’s particularly maddening in PVP matches, as he can EASILY stealth past all your turrets, go through the door beyond your last health regenerator (w.e. it’s called), and just start picking off your final sentry from a top platform. The sentry cannot hit him very well up there, and if he gets low on shields, he can easily just run back into the room with the health regen machine, hide, then rinse-and-repeat. I have to go chase him off there so much !

We REALLY need some kind of “Stealth Detection” machine (and there are quite a few characters with stealth abilities)… >_>

As for Thorn being “overpowered”, I don’t think that she is. If you find someone who is making you think that, then they are playing her correctly (as most people do not). She is actually not a very good sniper, as her arrows need to be lead, fly slowly, have a long charge time, and have a significant amount of “dropoff”. However, she is an AMAZING “quick-strike-and-run-away” scout and skirmisher.

I see so many threads like these saying “overpowered” for lots of characters, but it really all depends on the skill of the person playing said character, since this is NOT a game where victory is determined by whoever came to the fight wearing the largest “stomping boots” (by which I mean “with the best gear unlocked”). This is a game determined by skill, where a random level 1 can still cave your skull in and use it as a teacup (thank god, too - I’m SO sick of all these game where “only how much you love me and play me 20x a day means you can be good”)! n.nU

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I seem to recall one character’s helix having an option that would reveal all cloaked enemies (possible while some effect was active). Orendi, perhaps? If I remembered correctly (not guaranteed), then knowing the small details will really pay off. (Not to mention knowing your character’s helix inside and out so you don’t waste time figuring out what to choose while playing.)

This actually bothers me and a lot of people quite a lot, and there were TONS of discussions about it back in the Closed Beta as well:

We really should be able to set up “Helix Loadouts” before the matches - you need to stop for a second to select them in-game, and you usually do not HAVE a second (both in PVP and PVE - I often find by the time I get a breather to pick them, I have more than one to do ffs lol).

Furthermore, accidentally selecting the wrong Helix because you’re in a rush can have DETRIMENTAL consequences for the entirety of the match/mission - one bad choice in the wrong place can lower your effectiveness by RIDICULOUS PROPORTIONS (and this is PARTICULARLY true with Thorn, who imo relies HEAVILY on the proper Helix selections…).

I was thinking I’d type up something and print it out BIG, then tape it beside the screen. For a given character it would be

1 = L
2 = R
3 = R

etc. But a pre-planned list that auto-selected every level would be great. Even if you still had to pop into the menu briefly just to confirm, it wouldn’t be too bad. Plus, when I’m playing I can’t read the text - I have to get much closer to the screen to read it, but doing that during play would probably trigger nausea.

Yeah. I have a post mostly going over why he’s op, but you just need to pick the right skills and have gear that boosts damage, reload speed or attack speed, and a bit of shield penetration. So versatile, and tons of damage output.