Is Thorn one of the most overpowered characters?

(Ulithium_Dragon) #21

He’s pretty absurd now honestly - his “Frag Grenade” skill is pretty much functionally IDENTICAL to Thorn’s “Wrath of the Wild” skill… except it’s not an “ultimate”, has a MUCH shorter cooldown, and has no cast time…
Soooo approximately at least 3x better… =.=

EDIT: HOLY FK NUGGETS! I just looked at his ultimate skills’ base damage values!
WTF were the devs smoking when they made these!?!? 13 missiles that do 250 damage EACH!?!? That’s a whopping 6.5x MORE DAMAGE than Thorn’s ultimate does, which only does 500 damage TOTAL, and 500 damage is about THE largest burst amount of ANY character!
You can even really call this a “DoT”, as the missiles hit EXTREMELY rapidly!

No wonder he just stealths back and SHREDS the enemy’s Sentries - I’m sure 3250 damage is MORE THAN ENOUGH to get through it’s shield, and with some shield penetration gear pieces…

Err… geezus - I cannot find another character that even sort of matches these damage values on their skills, even if you take into account “Damage Over Time” - WTF!

(fallenblade9) #22

Yeah, his damage is insane, and so is his versitility and skills.

He’s listed as Versitile, but the character is so easy and straightforward to do a shitload of damage. He can nearly do anything.

(Ashmo96) #23

I’m sure Oscar Mike will get balanced out in the end, thorns ultimate is something to use when you see a low enemy or a group, when you reach rank 10 and leave a blight after its cast and if you increase blight duration and base damage it’s unbelievable, thorn skills are what allow you to use her as a close range character aswell as long range