Is Thorn Too Strong?

*Posted this on reddit too, just trying to figure out what people think of Thorn.

This thread isn’t really to call for nerf, but really just for a discussion.

Recently, I’ve dove into Thorn, almost character rank 14, and she seems a bit too strong. I’m specifically talking about the Curse, Blight, Ultimate combo. If done correctly this will 100-0 squishier characters in a few seconds. There aren’t too many Incursion games where I’m not leading in kills and have 200k+ damage with only a few deaths.

Granted, I don’t see too many Thorns utilitizing her full potential, but she can do some ridiculous things. I stack max health with her and get the double jump and am very, very hard to kill while doing crazy damage.

The biggest thing IMO is the curse bonus that volley can provide from level 4, I believe. This makes cursing enemies and getting the 35% extra damage trivial as volley is super easy to hit. I’m not sure if this should be changed, something else, or anything at all; but as it stands I would rank Thorn S tier.

You get loads of minion kills early from Blight, usually first to get your ultimate and then it just snowballs from there. Usually I’m level 10 when everyone else is 7 or 8.

I’ve found Phoebe and Rath to give her trouble, but not once I get up to 2600 health. If I have my combo I’ll kill them long before they kill me and if I don’t I can get away with double jump once their slow wears off.

How does everyone else feel about Thorn? She has to be my new fav.

I don’t know if she’s too strong but I do know this:

  1. I hate trying to hit her skinny ass model with guns. I feel like her hotboxes are not accurate
  2. Sometimes she absolutely blows me up and I don’t like it haha.

Lol yeah man that curse, blight, ultimate combo is crazy. I think with curse on volley it’s just too easy to get that bonus damage (35% if you take the helix). Cursing opponents should be a skill shot IMO and if you hit it, you get rewarded.

I can easily 100-0 Oscar Mike and those who have similar health mid/late game with her combo.


I main Thorn mostly, and yes, she CAN be powerful , but it takes some skill. Landing curses is not easy. If you pick the helix where volleys arrows curse, it easier, but you trade off the other skill ( can’t remember for some reason, even though I ALWAYS pick it). I have had some matches where I destroyed and also ones where I had HORRIBLE k/d ratio, like “noob” horrible ( I solo que 90% of the time). In all I think she is pretty balanced. I mainly play her as a lane clearer, making sure the opposing team never gets minions in. Player kills are 2nd priority. As with all Battleborn, TEAM knowledge AND communication is what makes characters become powerful. With Thorn you need these 2 PLUS a good understanding of her role and the skill to pull it off.

I cant aim her arrows for the life of me (Im on Xbox and reaaaally miss my PC now) so I avoid playing her. Because Im bad at her arrows, shes too reliant on skills for me to deal any real damage and thats just not good enough for me, I feel like Im constantly losing out on how effective I could be in a game. When facing against her, I literally dont bat an eye towards her; I keep on the move so her mid-long range is challenged at landing consecutive shots. Once she moves in closer for a better chance at dealing damage, I find her squishy enough that anyone could deal with her, so long as you can bait out her Blight and take minimal damage from it.

This is a subjective experience, heavily biased due to variables outside of my control, and simply just some 2 cents I thought Id throw out there to see if anyone else feels the same

I think the other helix you are thinking of is more damage but less arrows in volley or more arrows all together.

I usually always go with the curse because of how much easier volley is to land than normal

Yeah I’m on XB1 too and it took me a bit to get her arrows down. I still suck with them, but now I can atleast hit 1 when I reallyyyy need to, but I don’t find you really even need to.

Volley to curse, blight for slow when they are trying to get away, ultimate and they’re dead. Lol

Strong? Yes

Too strong? No, spoken as someone that tried to play them and failed miserably. She is devastating in the hands of a great player, but as far as I’m concerned, she’s working as intended.

I’m curious, what about her were you finding difficult? The arrows?

I’m not good with characters that depend on mobility/agility for survival. She’s rather squishy if you don’t play her like a jackrabbit on meth.

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I’d say the arrows are hard to land but the rest of her abilities are easy as hell to land and can really do some damage

I’ve been the victim of some Thorn players that did things like trap me in a corner with the placement of her AoE. And my response isn’t, “damn, that’s op” it is “damn, that was brilliant and they deserved to wreck me”

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Yeah same here. What I do though is stack as much health as possible and mid/late game I’m at about 2600 health. Coupled with the double jump she becomes just about unkillable, while doing the most damage on the team; burst and sustain

The curse, volley, blight, ultimate combo can do about 1500+ dmg in 3 seconds. And it doesn’t require too much skill as its AOE. Again, I’m not really arguing for nerf or that she is OP. It’s just most people will disagree because her arrows are hard to use, when they don’t even really come into play for her burst damage.

She is not OP. If played right, she is powerful. But personally, I think she’s just well balanced.

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couldnt have said it better myself. her hp base isnt super giant, and she doesnt have a shield naturally. she’s not the fastest toon on the planet, just run up on her and murder her, and learn to look for floor-poop until you get there and while you run out.

Yeah I agree, but then again how hard is it to land an AOE combo that does 1000/1500 damage in 3 seconds.

i personally dont have a problem standing in poop so you let me know about that from a sample audience of your victims. i think her sniping is more obnoxious than her skills personally, someone with a good quick shot can make you miserable. her aoe skills are for clearing trash: bad players who cant stay out of floor poop and minions alike.

Any player that has a health pool similar to Oscar Mike’s can be 1HK with her combo. Volley to curse, Blight, Ultimate and they’re dead. And Blight maybe accounts for 10% of the damage bc they usually get out of it, plus the slow to stop them from running away while you wind up the ult.

I’m not saying she is OP, etc. but that combo is super strong and it doesn’t take much skill to use. The arrows take much skill IMO, but her bread and butter to me is her ability combo. It just has to be in a certain order to get the most out of it, along with a few helix upgrades.

Once you get good with the arrows and stack health gear, along with the skill combo…it gets pretty ridiculous.