Is Timothy still alive out there?

You know Jack’s body double from the Pre-Sequel or was he that Jack we killed in Opportunity? Lately I’ve been trying to think which characters are where now.

Brick/Mordecai/Lilith/Athena/Claptrap/Axton/Gaige are all still at Sanctuary. How do I know Axton and Gaige are? well if you do the Holodome DLC in Pre-Sequel Axton and Gaige will come up and ask Athena about her story again.

Wilhelm/Nisha/Roland and lastly Timothy? Are dead sadly.

Then I have no idea where the rest are…Maya/Salvador/Krieg/Aurelia. I know Zer0 was doing missions for Moxxi so he’s probably in and out of Sanctuary alot.

I don’t think Timothy is dead. He was surgically modified to look like Jack. The body double we kill in Opportunity turns into a regular engineer after death, he most certainly wasn’t the surgically altered Doppelganger. Timothy even had the same voice as Jack, the Opportunity guy had Burch’s voice.

I asked this question on the old forums. Someone wrote a really neat piece about Timothy hiding in a cave on Pandora away from society and desperately trying to cut the face of Jack off of himself but never being able to do so. I’m going with that story until GBX gives an official answer :p.

Ouch trying to cut his face off >.< if I remember right in the Pre-Sequel, I think there was a bomb implanted in his face if he ever tried to do something like that.

That’s interesting though, him hiding out in a cave on Pandora. :slight_smile:

It does seem a little bit logical though. Trying to cut the face of Jack off of him is less scary than what could happen if anyone on Pandora actually saw him with that face…

I might try to look on the old forums for it, actually.

Edit: Nope. One of the Archives won’t let me go past the first page of the thread it’s in, and the other Archive is only at May of 2013 threads so far :/.

I think I read that he isn’t the Opportunity double somewhere, but no matter what he seems pretty boned. Try to surgery the Jack face off? Bomb blows up your head. Try to walk around Pandora wearing Jacks mug? Something else blows up your head.

It’ll be interesting to see what they do with his character.

And that’s if they’re feeling nice about it. I imagine something much worse and more prolonged…

Yeah seriously Pandora is a horrible horrible place…Skin Pizza is actually a thing down there. (blaah…)

Be interesting to see if he shows up in the final episode of Tales from the Borderlands.

I would totally play a VH with his AS mechanic again if we could play earlier VHs in the next title. But with his digi clones instead of Jacks.