Is today an Italian day?

I got a question about some strange behaviour my game exhibits today.
I mean, I first wanted to train with Toby, to warm up you know. And during VS screen the game started to display “being Healed” status icon.

Then, after the Dojo ended I ran for PvP and …this appeared before my eyes

As you all see I’m using english language version of Battleborn, yet both PvP and PvE modes/missions have names and descriptions in Italian.

So I ask: did I miss some notification about recent celebration or in-game event that has somerthing in common with Italy? Or is this a bug?

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There’s another thread in which myself and some others reported getting French menus (in my case, for 2 out of the three queues - the other one was still in English). @Jythri was notified and is looking into it. Something odd going on from time to time, certainly!

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The fun part is: I just restarted the game, and it’s all gone, everything is English again.
BTW Where’s your “french” thread?


The ides of march…


Ooh… good catch! Except then everything should be in Latin.

There is some sort of PC bug for sure because last night after a Bots match the game switched me to Spanish.
I exited the game, came back and it was in U.S. English again.

Happened to me too, switched to Spanish after a bots game. Left it on and kept playing :dukecheese:

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It’s not just on PC.

I wonder if having someone either on your team or in your match from out-of-region throws it off when you come back after the match? Perhaps when it’s updating the stats and match summary?

Just came out of another Bots match bugged, this time my menu was in Chinese.


Again in Chinese just now.

its something that, afaik began happening after the amazon servers went down. kitru’ s had it happan several times for him in multiple languages, as well as some other users.

support said its not a bug because its not repeatable.

it appears to be something serverside (when you select a queue your game gets the queues from the server, not from your hd).

it fixes itself after 5 minutes or so.

thats all i know.

past this point is mere speculation; and im very tired and not exactly knowledgable on the subject:
theres also been the issue of the servers becoming less reliable- lag spikes, packet loss, and servers dropping more frequently. recently, steam itself was kicking players off one by one, which probably stressed the servers more, for what our small pc population is worth, as we logged back in, created lobbies and rejoined matches furiously. (thankfully we were in private matches, so when we finally got the match to start and were immediately down 2 people, the opposing team messaged to let us know theyd wait till we got our guys back)

it could all be coincidence, but it feels like bb was affected by the server problem. were physical servers lost? did they have to push clients down to lower quality servers until the lost servers are fixed or replaced? if not, what could be now causing this language phenom? was a patch done to the bb servers thats causing this?

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It wasn’t physical damage on Amazon’s end, but a configuration error while attempting to debug a problem on some billing systems that had widespread unintended consequences, sending a bunch of critical systems into off-line mode. The data stored on Amazon’s systems should not have been affected, unless some GBX server software update was in-progress at the time and things got a bit mangled. It seems more likely to be a subtle bug introduced in the last update that results in the wrong localisation being applied as the UI elements are pulled in and pushed on-screen.

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@duke666 and me had the same thing but German instead of Italian. She even had just symbols all over her menu too. It’s sort of weird since it disappears once you find a match, that’s how it was for me at least.

Thank you for some knowledge and clarification! :smiley:

Just wanted to add an addendum to my first post here, steam is STILL frequently dcing people. Does anyone know what that’s about?

When the menu messes up and I was on a team with friends, after the match they are gone.