Is Torgue Cross Promotion Worth It

Build I am playing with (this one shows with the level increase)

I am starting to wonder if Cross Promotion is worth any points. The idea of this build is to have lots of explosions and rocket launcher use. I figured more area of effect is worth it but now I am wondering it would be better to use those points else where. I have read that having a balance of gun and splash damage might be more ideal but I am not sure where that balance point should be.

Does cross promotion work?

“You know in your heart of hearts that it doesn’t…the question should be ‘should you care?’”



I think this is a Moze question. I think it’s not needed for the purpose you mentioned.

I am able to clear Shaft/Cistern M4 with no points in Torgue Promotion and with other 3 people AFK or dead.

Edit: with the extra 3 levels, then it might be worth adding them here

Many people say no. They cry about how the chance to proc is too small/random and how it’s just a chance to kill themselves. And while I agree that the chance is too small, I personally love when it procs too much to eschew it. To paraphrase a Mister Torgue load screen quote:

“In your heart you know the answer - the question is does it really ****ing matter?!”

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Ooops. I meant to put this in the Moze section. Can a mod move it?

You can edit your original post and move it yourself, if you want.

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My philosophy with TCP is that it’s a wonderful single point purchase. The percentage per point isn’t earth shattering, but the POSSIBILITY of doubling the radius is a game changer.

But, you now have to be aware of where you’re directing splash damage. One too close and you’re gonna be hurting

while i’m sure it has it uses, i absolutely hate it personally. i avoid it at all cost, especially on mind sweeper.

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Is Torgue Cross Promotion Worth It …


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apparently no , it does more harm than good . even u trying to increase blast radius with tcp , the chance is too low for a practical build

one of the only places where TCP has value is with mindsweeper while mobbing. the increased radii increases the chance that micro-nades proc new micro-nades. its still a double edged sword though, since micro-nades that hit you also have a chance to proc new micro-nades.

you keep saying this whenever TCP comes up, but its a 3% chance to not deal extra damage, just increase the chance that your damage hits multiple targets. it seriously gear limits you as well. grenades fall into two categories: small damage/radius multi-nade (cloning/mirv/rain), and single blast high damage/radius. the problem is that camp A nades either have a carpeting spread or home in on targets, and camp B nades have a large enough radius that TCP still hits you at medium range. also, TCP forbids the use of any decent launcher. because of their massive innate splash radius, they will kill you far too often. a nukem TCP proc will kill you from across the map, and the creamer’s projectile split explosion will also kill you on TCP proc. ion cannon’s aren’t much better.

Moze’s skill points are so highly contested that there is no way the 3% chance to double the radius has worth over other skills. maybe in your IB focused builds, as i don’t know enough about which skills work with IB and which don’t, but even still, i do know IBs point spread is pretty thin considering how far you want to go in both BM and DW trees.

I don’t use launchers much. My current build is a Moxxi Pair and Corrosive Sabot rounds and an Ember’s Blaze shield. You fire a lot and you throw a lot of grenades. And the bouncing pair lands about five times.

Any hollow point kill can become a double sized thing. My shield breaking? Can double in size. My shield aura? Can reach out to double it’s size.

Corrosive Sabot Rounds have a large splash radius to start. In my build, their splash damage is 21k on flesh Corrosive. Then skag den and cloud of lead can be applied. What a single point in TCP does is makes any one of those 21k explosions more likely to hit more enemies. Hitting more enemies means more heals. 3 percent seems like nothing, but there’s so much splash in my kit, that it constantly feels like it’s doing something.

And I’m gonna say it any time someone asks about TCP, because it’s worth knowing the upsides.

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The only scenario where I found TCP useful is the Maliwan Takedown and while using the flakker, since there a little space between you and the projectile detonation TCP can fiil up this space and hit enemies that are in melee range (hounds, rota the valkirie and those speedy troopers, makes taking down the spheres a little easier too). Outside of that scenario and weapon I have not found a real use for it yet.

this is what i figured. when you state TCP is worth the point, you need to clarify WHEN it’s worth the point. when you don’t you’re creating a generalized statement around a contextual opinion. what happens then, is newer players looking for build info start putting points into TCP while using a CMT, mindsweeper, and a kyb’s or westergun, and stop playing moze because they can’t figure out why they keep dying.

also, MBP is the exception to the grenade damage/radius rule, where it has a very small radius that is very controllable, since it bounces in the direction you throw it.

Very true, but I do always post script my TCP promotion with “but it means you have to be careful”.

If you can’t find a Splash radius boosting com, it’s also a way to get Bear weapons through Wotan’s shield. But I wouldn’t advise counting on that alone. I’ve just found the point in it has been far more useful to me than a full 3 in MoD that I took from for it.

But again, I’m very particular about what I’m doing, and I’d never put TCP on my Jakobs Mindsweeper Short Fuse Moze because Jakobs guns are soooo close range.

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I’m personally not a fan of this skill. Just wanted to cry my opinion. :sob:


These do splash damage?! How did I miss this all of this time?!

Did you miss that part of the Wotan kill :joy:. I literally blasted him through his shield :joy:

Didn’t watch it all. Never heard anyone discuss it before either.

I have used Fire and Shock Railguns but have honestly never specced more than 11-12 points tops in SoR to try the Corrodos.

They’re my favorite weapon. I’m currently testing a split build because I’m trying to see if the three points can get me to “to the last” if I cancel specialist bear.

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