Is TVHM really neccesary?

Why can’t enemies and levels start scaling up to players level just after finishing 1st playthrough?
What’s your opinion on that?

I wish I was able to enjoy some freeplay and continue playing at my own pace after finishing Jack. Instead the only option to progress forward is to immediately start a new playthrough. Then - Bam! Jack is back, which competely contradicts with what accomplished a moment ago - very anticlimactic. Also now I have to play through the game again with same problem 1st playthrough gave me - enemies and levels don’t match with my level.

I think that the concept of TVHM is not neccesary, just make the game scale up to player’s level immediately after finishing playthrough once and add an option to restart a storymode at any time as many times as player wants, including DLCs.

I just want to be able to play game freely at my own pace. Isn’t that what everyone else wants too?

I would rather Normal be cut out and the slightly harder TVHM replace it as the main run if we’re going down to 2 runs.

I’ve not seen the stats, but I suspect there are a lot of people who bought BL2 without the UVHM upgrades, and so only went to level 50. Two play throughs and some end-game raid bosses seems to be enough for some. It’s only us masochistic idiots who keep going into UVHM, and a smaller hard core that do the OP levels. In that sense, the structure of the game is actually pretty good - you can go as far as you want and still finish the game.


That to me almost rings some bells, because BL2 is just so long in comparison with first game. But I still want to reach lvl72 and OP levels, because BL is the lootporn game I want for collecting ultimate equipment. I can’t call any of loot I get until then as ultimate equipment yet, not until I reach that level cap. Do I need to become into a masochistic idiot in order to get what I want from this game? Maybe I already am. :confused:

Having to go through al playthroughs may feel like hell sometimes. But skipping NVHM or TVHM would be a mistake if you’re playing a character for the first time. Learning how the character works is a big part of the game, and as you level up, you get a feel for how the skill points affect your char. Once you’ve unlocked TVHM or UVHM, you should also have the whole class unlocked for that mode. So if you’ve completed TVHM as a Siren and unlocked UVHM, you should have the option to skip NVHM and TVHM if you decide to start a new Siren.

I’m currently doing a full playthrough as Sniper Zero for the first time, and honestly… If I’d started that on UVHM instead of NVHM, I would be in a world of hurt. It takes time to learn the skills and weaknesses of a class, and UVHM isn’t the best place to do it in. TVHM introduces several new enemies that are really tough. They have lots of health, and deal lots of damage. It’s much nicer to learn how to deal with those enemies in TVHM, where you can get away with a few mistakes.

And finally… Most people value things that they’ve had to work for more than things that come easy. If you had the option to start at OP 8 with all the top gear… Why on earth would you continue playing the game after one playthrough? You’ve already got it all! I’ve done this cycle more times than I care to admit, and the game still feels fresh to me.

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I find the idea of different modes for such a game to be rather irritating.
Some people have suggested abandoning that and instead replacing it with a resetable single mode with different difficulties, something I support. With six characters playing through Normal and TVHM every single time just to reach UVHM really tires you out, especially if you want to create several characters of the same class.
With multiple difficulties instead of different modes you could easily play at your own pace. Start on Normal to get used to your character but receive worse rewards overall or jump straight into UVH and suffer the consequences while also receiving better rewards more easily. If either setting isn’t to your liking after all you could still switch difficulties.
At end game new, more difficult dungeons should open which give you better exp rewards, should you dare accept the challenge. This gives more experienced players more things to do after the end game. Something like Digistruct Peak maybe.

Well, that’s how I would imagine it. And interactive, skipable cutscenes.

The main problem with TVHM is that it doesnt Scale past level 50. When I usually reach 50 there are a lot of things still open and I have to leave behind because no reward will past the 50. Some people want to stay in TVHM so why do not allow it? Just make it scale and reset like UVHM.

You gotta remember that UVHM was a 2 part add-on after the game had been out for a while, with OP levels being the last dlc. Originally, TVHM was the challenging play-through, and the end-game playground.

I personally prefer the gameplay mechanics of TVHM, and you don’t HAVE to start UVHM after completing it. I’ve got a few toons intentially left in TVHM, just to be able to play the game how it was, but with a butt-load more content (picking up a couple extra skill points along the way is pretty sweet, too).

UVHM is great, and starting a fresh PT at OP8 with nothing but a white pistol is a worthy challenge, but for the lolz, TVHM has the best balance.

TL;DR - Yes.

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No I disagree. It’s like New Game +, where you restart, say, for instance, The Witcher 3 all over again. It doesn’t kill the immersion for me. I kinda like the 3 modes. I don’t think I’d would have hit the level cap if not for even TVHM, let alone UVHM.

Just my twopenneth worth.