Is TVHM scaling?

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I wanted to know, how is the side mission scaling in TVHM, do all side quests get bumped to 50 to get the unique weapons at lvl 50 or is it they do not scale at all and I’d better do them now ?

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when you completed TVHM they scale to level 50. As far as I know they won’t scale if you reach level 50 before completing TVHM

Well I’m just lvl 43 on Athena right now, and the main story mission to go to the Dahl site says lvl 48, so I was trying to see which side quests to do and which to not do so that the ones with unique blue weapon rewards, those with red text, I get at lvl 50 instead of like lvl 40 or so, I’m thinking especially the cryo SMG from Nina, I’d like to have it lvl 50 to start UVHM, instead of like lvl 35… :wink:

It’s like between the 3 games I never remember which starts scaling when and how, so to speak.

TVHM in TPS has a “soft scaling”: each story mission has a preset range of possible levels; if your character level is in that range, you’ll get the next mission at that level. If you’re over-levelled, I assume that means you get the max level (and vice versa). Haven’t quite figured out if the side missions are set to the same level as the story mission that unlocks them (i.e. makes them discoverable and lists them is “undiscovered” in your mission log) though. You can safely level your Athena up using any side quests that don’t offer unique item rewards, along with running the various Scav groups around Triton Flats. Remaining side missions will level up when you complete main story in TVHM. One caveat: if you accept any mission, the reward will be locked to the level at that point in your progression and will NOT level up, either with you or when you complete main story TVHM.

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No problem. Might be a bit late now, but it’s worth remembering in future TVHM runs that it’s worth getting your character up to the max level for the next story mission before turning in the current one. That seems to be important if you want a max level mission reward for the final story mission. There’s a list in a thread started by happyjack over on the old forums:

‘Home Sweet Home’ - 38 to 42
‘Science & Violence’ - 41 to 45
‘Watch Your Step’ - 42 to 46
‘Eye To Eye’ - 45 to 48
"Beginning of the End’ - 48 to 50

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If you’re only using the Fridgia to freeze, any level will work. I used a level 22 that I picked up in Normal all the way through TVHM. The chance to freeze is still the same.

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Well I was lvl 43 when I got the last mission given to me (go see the dig site = lvl48). So well i went in and it was a bit tough but I managed my way through to get to RK5 and in the process I got to lvl 44 right before that fight. Well RK5 is easy for some, but for me it’s tough, especially since now he was lvl 47. I died like 3 or 4 times but it seemed manageable so then I tried once more and I’m very proud of myself :blush: (yes I took a screenshot because this is a feat for me LOL !) :

Then after that I did a couple side missions but the xps wasn’t going strong so I thought hey, I’m getting close to 45 so why not farm RK5 ? Which I did and I’m now lvl 46 so I think I’ll be fine now to enter Tycho’s ribs.

As for the Fridgia, it’s not only for the cold effect, it’s also the dmg, I did get a cryo Fatale once, but it’s lvl 26 and I don’t know when I’ll see one again around my lvl, so Fridgia it will be ! Besides = good souvenirs with it, so I really would like a lvl 50 one :wink: !

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PLaythrough 2.5: When you complete the storyline in TVHM, any sidequest that you haven’t accepted yet will become level 50. There’s a list on the old forums of which quests give unique rewards (though resettable UVHM makes it somewhat redundant)

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Thanks all for the tip^, the lvl 50 Fridgia is in da room ha ha !!!


Love that gun

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As the main question has been sufficiently answered and you got your level 50 Fridgia, may I ask why you wanted a level 50 version for UVHM? The Excalibastard, whose level is irrelevant as the freeze-on-crit and the melee damage bonus stay the same regardless of level, would theoretically work better for melee than a Fridgia, as the Fridgia’s main focus is freezing (which it does extraordinarily good), but not exactly damage (neither gun damage nor melee).

Good for (gun)damage + freezing would be a cryo Torrent or a Fatale, but they are hard to come by, so the Fridgia would be a compromise: better freezing capability, but less damage in every regard. All of this is not to say the Fridgia is a bad gun, it’s absolutely amazing at what it does!

Edit: I’m sorry, I was browsing around the suggested topics and didn’t notice this thread was over two weeks old. My bad!

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Oh no worries, and well yeah I know that Fatale is better, or other guns as well, but as I said earlier :

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I don’t think anyone minds. If I see a topic I want to reply to that’s over 2 years old I’ll do it anyhow. (obviously we won’t see anything 2 years old on these new forums but you get what I’m saying)

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Does anyone by any chance happen to have a link to this?

Scratch that, found the link.

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