Is unforgiven a joke?

Lvl 50 Flood: 1197 Dmg 11.5 bullets/s Crit: 11k
Lvl 50 Unforgiven: 1152 Dmg 1.21 bullets/s Crit: 43k
Dont get me started on Maggie

Unforgiven has higher crits but overall the dps is horrible, am I missing something with this weapon? 15698785116108640084358871899058|375x500

It was a pearl before so I would venture to say - Yes.

I wouldn’t mind a little more fire rate on the gun honestly. The only way mine keeps up even a little is with having a 300% weapon Damage bonus after using Phaseslam. And even then it’s still behind most legendaries that aren’t Annointed, especially King’s Call and Queen’s Call.

Flood has really high recoil and low accuracy though, if you fire it as fast as you can most shots are going to miss the crit spot, and it chews through ammo really fast. Unforgiven is more of a sniper pistol, you want to take your time and line up every shot on a crit point, dealing high damage to them and ricocheting the bullet at an enemy. Haven’t found one yet myself so I can’t really comment on rather it’s actually good though. Might need some buffs, lots of legendaries in this game are underpowered.


I dont think you want to compare it to snipers because Lyuda might want a word with you then :wink:

Lyuda is great for sure, but it’s also a big ammo waster unless you’re playing Moze, who can regenerate ammo for it in 2 of her skill trees.

As far as i know pretty much all VHs have some ammo mitigation not just moze. Flak can keep that thing firing for ages…

Amara really doesn’t have any. Only option is to use relics that give ammo on melee attack.

True, I forgot that FL4K has that skill that gives him a chance to use no ammo. Zane also has that skill that gives him a chance to fire extra bullets which helps to conserve ammo. But Moze is definitely the best vault hunter for ammo conservation on fast fire rate weapons, between Redistribution, Forge, and Means of Destruction.

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It really depends, if its a small mag weapon id argue that flak is better, like on a hellwalker for example. But yea moze really kicks ass in that department

I wish it was possible to get an Unforgiven with a masher mod in Borderlands 3. Unforgiven Mashers were amazing in Borderlands 1.


No, it was a â– â– â– â– â– â–  weapon in Borderlands 2 with high damage, but a pitiful firerate that made it unuseable in UVHM. Might have been ok to use in TVHM and regular mode though, but in UVHM, enemies health would regenerate faster than you could do damage lol

There’s plenty of legendaries and pearls in Borderlands 2 that were ■■■■■■. This game already has a couple hundred legendaries, some are destined to suck.

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I’ve made a pistol damage build that includes the Unforgiven on FL4K, but to be frank, I have a hard time using it compared to the Monocle, the latter has the luxury of not putting you directly on the front lines when fishing for headshots or Megavore crits. A crazy roll on a newly acquired anointed Duc made the Flood pretty much underwhelming.

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It could be a little better for sure but honestly, this is not the worst state this gun has ever been in. Like, at least it is somewhat viable in Bl3. In Bl2 it was just a straight piece of hot garbage, especially because you could only get it in Ultimate Vault Hunter Mode. It still was way better in Borderlands 1 for sure, back when it had not only super high raw but could also spawn in as a Masher…

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You have to think outside the box, try firing a slow moving rocket with an additional 180% damage artifact and then switching to the unforgiven. Your rockets will inherit the 500%+ damage increase and you’ll cease to be upset with this. The principal compounds even further if you combine it with a jacob’s allegiance style build and garner bonus damage from that.

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Its intended as a sniper as a pistol. It was never meant to be the dps gun

If you reliably hit those critical locations the damage out of it is quite good. I think the problem people have with it is that it seems to have a fairly low base damage for a Jacobs pistol so it may come off as punishing people who aren’t hitting those crits reliably.

The base damage is what does it in for me, even if you keep poppin crits it’s underwhelming

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Yes this is it. You can fire any weapon that travels slowly, even dhal smg’s will inherit the extra crit. So Have the pistol on 1st slot, have your slow traveling weapon on 4th, shoot your clip and press Y. BOOM crits.

the unforgiven is great, it kills many things in one shot and you will never run out of ammo using a gun that only needs 1-2 shots to kill 90% of the things in the game.

DPS isn’t the only thing that matters.

Also in GR’s you can get overkill damage that goes better with things like the unforgiven, also some characters have overkill skills that go well with it.