Is UVHM a little too stingy on XP?

I’m starting the Eye to Eye mission and I’m level 52 (and 6 tenths.) At this rate I may not even get to 54 after a first run through if I continue to skip all side quests.

If Borderlands 2 was like this I sure don’t remember it.

I agree that the enemies in UVHM give out too little exp.

Ultimate Badass Bulletsponges are worth like 37 more XP than a tork. The lack of farmable bosses is what I think is making the difference. By this time in BL2 I had farmed Doc Mercy, Hunter Helquist, the Black Queen, Saturn, Dukino’s Mom, etc to death and probably got 5 levels worth of XP just from them.

Could be the lack of DLC everyone had from Borderlands 2 that gave all those extra missions and exp.

We got UVHM late in the game after most DLC was released. I don’t really have a clue what is going on in this game, but it seems they have released it earlier than BL2.

However boring it may be you can atleast farm Iwajira over and over again.

Even then he doesn’t give much out, I think I got 1 tenth of a bar from killing him, still level 50. I found myself leveling faster from actual missions/story as opposed to him. Maybe you could run the badass round of the Holodome over and over, or kill X-Stalk-23 and Her rabid stalkers for experience. The research facility farming route for those stalkers also has two vending machines and two red hyperion chests. Also, that bit where the turrets need to kill stuff? Mute your volume, then freeze and kill everything.

I don’t really care what my level is just seemed odd that I’ll go up three levels this playthrough so maybe two more if I did it again, then one!? Guardian hunt will probably work just fine and truth be told I’ll probably use it to get to 60 and save a few days of questing,

I’ve little interest in the side missions until I get to 60.

Side quest and story mission experience is fixed, so if you have any side missions left over in TVHM you could go back and do those and maybe get a boost.

Started at level 52.6 this morning, went through Zarpedon, Zarpedon Ascended, crossed Vorago Solitude, and took down RK5. Finished at level 52.95.

I think I can get TO Eleseer on a dead run thru Tycho’s Rib wearing a Sham but I doubt I can make it THROUGH Eleseer before I get to 53. Probably need new gear for the Sentinel, I’m still using all 50s and all are orange save for a T4s-R

Don’t ignore all of the side missions, at least do the non-unique reward missions because some of them are giving out great XP. I just got to Helios and I need to get Jack back into his office and I’m already level 55.

I farmed Iwiaejaieja a few times for better gear but I wanted to see if I could make it to 60 with most of my old level 50 gear and at 55 it’s becoming a bit of a slog facing that stupid giant dog.


As far as I remember BL2 was pretty much the same; doing just the story quests doesn’t get you nearly enough xp to max out your level. That said it is a bit ridiculous how badasses are giving out so little extra xp compared to normal levels.

Not only are they stingy on XP, they drop crap loot as well (at least, when they DO drop loot). These guys are tough hombres, they should give out better gear than a white AR or shield :confused:

I’ve noticed that as well, especially on the eridians. However, it did unlock the challenge for finding 600 white items for me. :slight_smile:

Finished UVHM. Story missions only plus the grinder. Started at 50 plus whatever one round of the Holodome got me, faced the Sentinel at 52 and got to 53 for beating him.

And as for power leveling, I’m thinking that resetting UVHM and walking up to Jack and turning in the first mission repeatedly is probably fastest and easiest.

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While the experience is a bit stingy you have to consider that the reason it is stingy is so you play more side missions, explore more, and overall play the game and unlock all the fun you can have with the game in the process, It is worth the extra time played.

The thing is though by the time you are at this point in the game, you should have already explored everything and found all the fun. UVHM is aimed more towards the “hardcore” BL players as there will be very few players that are casual making it that far.

As far as XP goes, the amount you get for the ammo/time you expend is ridiculously low. The Super Badasses serve ZERO purpose in the game other than to drain ammo supplies and waste time as the loot they drop is worse than average enemies and they absorb WAY TOO MUCH ammo. I honestly believe that their health is glitched in some way as it rivals mini-bosses/bosses and give out nothing close to what the bosses give.

Truth. I used TVHM to figure out which mission items I’m going to go for at the level cap, be that 60, 70, or OP 20.

Agreed. And I’m not saying ER MA GERSH THEY NERFED THE XP!

I was just wondering aloud if it was status quo? I’ll get to the cap no matter what, it’s just going to take longer than I expected

Although I immediately noticed the difference in how fast my levelling was compared to Borderlands 2 I’m not annoyed in the slightest. It makes the game last much longer even if you’re constantly farming badasses or bosses.

Yeah, on one hand, I feel a bit impatient and want to get to max level asap. But on the other, I’m glad I’m not worried about out-growing my gear too quickly.

With farming oranges being reduced basically to vendors it was nice to be able to carry my 50 Maggie all the way through from level 50 to 57 where it can no longer take down the ascending.