Is UVHM gear better than TVHM gear?

I recently just got my Siren to level 50 and am currently farming bosses for legendary loot on TVHM. I am wondering if going to UVHM would yield better statted gear, even though it’s the same level. Is this true? Or is going to UVHM not necessary?

Edit: I didn’t realize there was no UVHM on BL3. Thanks to all that replied.

wait what? there is no UVHM in BL3.

UVHM in BL3 doesn’t exist

Don’t take this as a fact but i think that the only way to get “better” gear is spending a few Guardian points on “luck”.
TVHM doesn’t really give you better stuff.

Or you should try the mayhem 3 mode?

which Siren Maya? or Amara? You may be in the wrong sub. TVHM is the highest B3

Guess what he was trying to ask for, if stats on weapons (legs e.g.) are higher in Tvhm compared to Normal.