Is UVHM really necessary to enjoy the game?

Yes, I admit it. I suck. I need to “git gud”. But when I’m in UVHM, the thought of wanting to “git gud” never comes to mind, and all I accomplish is turning off the game and wanting something similar but easier to take my frustrations out on. So, what I’m wondering is, do I have to play UVHM, or can I just go ahead and start the DLC on TVHM? I’m using Axton on PS4, and I don’t have PS+, so I can’t play multiplayer.


simpel: no
longer: no, there are a lot of streamers that play until TVHM and then reset. Its a lot more chill to play.
BUT however you will be missing out on A LOT. Try finding a character/playstyle that suits you, getting used to it and then moving on to end-game (I am still stuck with Maya being the only class i play on OP8, im still not comfortable withall the others)


Firstly, welcome. Second, UVHM is an option. You can do anything you want as long as it’s enjoyable for you. I will say that if you stay in TVHM you will continue to gain XP, albeit slowly, but you won’t get any gear above level 50. In UVHM the game levels with you, so if you decide to jump in at level 55 with level 50 gear you will have a rougher start than you’ve already experienced. I, being a mediocre player, was similarly looking to avoid UVHM but took the plunge in search of more skill points. It’s a rough adjustment, but it’s by no means impossible. UVHM gets “easier” with more skill points, and it has the added bonus of being able to reset your playthrough as many times as you want. In TVHM after you finish everything the only thing left to do is farm level 50 gear, mob around, and fight raid bosses. That gets a bit repetitive, I prefer to go for playthrough number 3.


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I’ll second (or third or fourth) the response that no, you don’t have to do anything you don’t want to do or don’t find enjoyable. It’s a game, after all, not open-heart surgery.

That said, sometimes the hardest thing about UVHM is recalibrating expectations and approach. Take a look at the pinned thread in this section for example:

That gives you a good idea of the kinds of changes you may need to make. If you decide you’d rather not, that’s fine. If you decide you’d like to give it a go, there’s quite a few threads involving people making exactly that journey with the help of the forum community. If you want help with something, just ask.

You do you and enjoy the game.


If you are having a hard time in UVHM, you are probably under-levelled. You can beat TVHM, and if you go straight to UVHM the enemies are high level… so just stay in TVHM until you are levelled up.

And you can do the DLCs to find nice gear to help you survive - like relics. Just go wherever you can fight comfortably, but if you push yourself to fight tougher enemies - they drop better loot and you get better exp - making you better equipped and levelled. Frostburn Canyon is a great place to find relics and rare stuff - just make sure you go through the whole area.

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Again, no
But once you get used to it you won’t look back. I suggest either
A. Making a post about whatever character and asking for help
B. Just read through some guides for said character


Thank you for all of your suggestions. My problem is, while I started at Level 50, I am now Level 55 and feel like I can’t even farm enemies for gear without dying to the point that I get too frustrated to continue. I want to use some Golden Keys to try and upgrade my gear a bit, or maybe go to Tiny Tina in TVHM to get some level 50 gear, but I’m not sure what to do with Axton as I don’t feel like I’m at a point where any builds would be useful.

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Chests are going to be your best bet. If you have golden keys I’d suggest burning a few to get some on level gear. Opportunity has a red chest you can reach without facing anyone which you could farm. Tundra express also has a chest that you can reach by just running past a few varkids.

Lvl 55 is about as hard as UVHM leveling gets. 55-60 is where enemies are always stronger than your skill points can compensate for. After that it begins to get easier.

Try not to hang onto your good level 50 gear. On level gear is probably going to come up trumps here. Ideally get a few purples from the Golden Chest and then go farm yourself a Harold. That should ease your issues.

I’d also advise you share your build as a tuned build will do wonders for your efficiency. You can use this link to share what you have,, then just copy and paste the URL back to us.


Another thing… you need slag weapons or grenades. That weakens the enemies. Then you have to know their weaknesses. For instance: the armored psychos. I’m sure you encountered them the first thing in starting this mode… they’re tough, aggressive, and kill you fast. So unless you have corrosive weapons for them, you better avoid them. And learn to shoot while running backwards.

There are other tough and aggressive enemies, and they will hinder your progress until you learn how to kill them. Sometimes you might want to avoid enemies and run past them.

1 Like This is the build I currently have. I made sure to get slag turrets first so I wouldn’t have to worry about swapping too much as I feel like every second I spend swapping is another bullet that takes off 40% of my shield or HP.

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I just have a line of questioning to offer.

If you want to see all the story content you don’t even have to play past Normal Mode. Is that your goal?

If you want to see all the weapon types you will have to make it to level 61. Is your goal to hunt all the loot?

Do you want to see all the skills your character can use at once, and fight all the enemies in the game? If so that requires reaching level 72 and then unlocking OP levels far enough that OMG WTH is accessible.

So that being said, your level attainment required really comes down to your curiosity about game content.


Some thoughts that you might consider if you are going learn the UVHM 2 step.

  1. on level is more important than rare.
  2. read the thread @VaultHunter101 provided, general tips and links to character specific tips are within and will be invaluable.
  3. fast travel to Marcus’s Mercenary Shop and complete that mission. The boss is farmable and followed 2 massive chests with mucho gear of all types, and it will always be at your level in UVHM. It might be the easiest way to update your gear regularly, and possibly the best source of the first gen of legendary class mods.
  4. profit.

You may want to consider Gemini for a first capstone instead of Double Up. It opens up certain strategies that may make it easier for you, and slag is pretty easy to get on the field via grenades or weapon swapping. Grit is optional, not everyone likes it (I have 2 Axtons and neither is specced for it currently), but if you want it 5/5 is the minimum investment to see a return on your skill points. And answer @Isthiswill’s questions. Those will help you determine how far you want to go in the game.


i am not very familiar with axton, but maybe you should try and go for Grit, while Sacreficing (however you spell it) Longbow Turrets and that skill tree. Grit is a very powerfull skill

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My goal is to just to be able to shoot down enemies easily and relax when I get stressed out, as well as enjoy the DLC story content.


well then stay in TVHM for the DLC or start a new Character - i heard playing a new class is often VERY refreshing.


Axton main here. Your build looks just fine.
You might hate to here it, but if you wanna continue uvhm, but need some help go farm a Harold.
Pick up a good slag weapon, maliwan snipers are what my newest Axton has been using. Grog is another easy to get option that is also a moxxie weapon.

Oh and some maybe helpful guides


Which, to me, is not UVHM. UVHM is indeed a grind, and having taken numerous characters through it I don’t find progress through it all that easy or relaxing.
Interestingly, once you get to the Overpower levels (OP) I find that the game does get back to being somewhat easy (if you’ve gotten he right gear), in fact I often don’t need to slag in the OP levels since the opponents don’t tend to over-level you much and you’ve gotten very strong guns. And action skills.

Anticipate UVHM being tough, and look at the resources folks have provided.

And also as others have said, no harm in staying in TVHM. In some ways I find the gunplay in TVHM more fun than UVHM. Since the reliance on slag doesn’t exist your weapons choices are broader and you can try interesting things with various weapons and builds.

Of course there is the I beat UVHM and gained OP levels satisfaction, which is also awesome.


This may be the move for you. I have multiple toons of each class, and find that the game changes from toon to toon and even from build to build. Leveling up a new character is one of my favorite things to do, and I suspect if I capped my games at the end of TVHM the differences would be even more noticeable.


I’m with Pie on this one. That build is alright.
My actual Axton is at level 53 and uses a pretty similar build. Left tree is practically the same, I just took the middle tree down to Do Or Die to be able to throw grenades in Fight for your life.

You could try spending some golden keys to have on-level guns and a decent shield, but even then UVHM is not easy at those levels. It works for me to throw the turret out, let it slag enemies and snipe from a distance (or use a Jakobs shotgun on anything that gets close).

It’s not a very gung-ho playstyle relying on the turret, but it works.

That said,

and it’s fun enough to play through the DLCs in TVHM, especially Tiny Tina’s…


Just a little interesting thing : I know of a player who has something insane like 10,000 hours in the game and has never played UVHM.