Is UVHM really necessary to enjoy the game?

Ok, well, I’ve basically decided that I’m going to knock out the massive amount of sidequests I have yet to even trigger in TVHM, and do the DLCs, as I mainly play games to relax, chill, and have fun, and UVHM does not give me that. The reason I asked this question is because in the Discord for a specific fan mod for BL2, I had felt obligated to do UVHM despite the fact that I felt like wet tissue paper playing it.


And slag- don’t forget slag :grin: The advice given you here so far has been solid if you want to do UVHM, especially about heading for Gingertown and farming the loot train. I’d also suggest farming 2 other dlc- Mr Torgue (up to Pyro Pete’s Bar and then farm Torgue tokens- much better than farming Savage Lee IMO) and Tiny Tiny (up to the Forest so you can farm for the Bee). Return to the main game once you get what you want and proceed from there. As far as your build my original Axton went the standard build of Double Up/Gemini but my current Axton has Nuke/Gemini- a pretty satisfying combo if I do say so myself…


Yeah, if there’s one subtle aspect of being part of a gaming community, it’s the casual peer pressure that comes from “the fear of missing out” on some aspect of the game experience. The game is designed to reward players for learning the mechanics of each class and the varying gear and enemy weaknesses. That’s something you learn over time, so long as you are fighting on-level enemies. Playing TVHM after level 50 will give you a good chunk of practice, hopefully some useful B.A.R. boosts to help the game go down smoother, and fun. I didn’t read up on the game when I took to playing, so I stayed in TVHM until I finished everything in it and NVHM. I was at level 55 with a bunch of level 50 weapons and no real idea how to optimize my build or desire to find smart ways to slag things, as I abhor switching weapons. I started UVHM with Axton and got wrecked for a good long while working my way through Southern Shelf. It got easier after that, and I eventually got on level.

One thing you can get above all else to help with UVHM is Magic Missiles. Having a homing, regenerating grenade to slag enemies so your weapons can kill effectively and you don’t have to worry about constantly swapping does take a lot of the edge off the experience. Play from afar, slag first, and then blast away (with on level weapons from the golden chest). And match elements whenever possible, and use splash damage on nomads with shields.


I think a lot of us felt a little bit like you when we first tried UVHM. It was a brutal wake up call, and we all had to struggle, more or less, to get through it. I think the main reason for this was that we all had to go with what we found. None of us had gear, that were on par, stashed away. Some areas were nightmares. Those of us who did this when UVHM was new, also didn’t really know how to build our characters in order to get the most out of them. UVHM was still uncharted territory.

But all that changed, and I’m sure it will change for you too, if you want it to. If you need advice, better gear or a friend to team up with, then this is the place for it.


Maybe I’m being stupid here, but can’t you just un-install the two DLC components that raise the level cap past 50? I’m not sure how that works with a character who’s already 55, but it would allow you to play on TVHM with at-level enemies without as much challenge as UVHM.

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If you had the original BL2 with no season pass maybe (and this also depends on whether you play on console or PC) but with the THC or any GOTY collection I don’t think that’s possible…

Ah, ok. I know on Steam I can just uncheck all the DLC I don’t want and it gets uninstalled. I thought the consoles did DLC in a similar way.

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I know that feel. There is a point around lv 55/65 where your skilltree can’t really keep the race with enemies scaling. If you pass that, it’ll be easier…
With axton I did the grind to 72 upgrading my fastball, ravager and harold. Other gears where LegSoldier/ExpGrenadier. It was cool and easy, are 72 you can farm good gears and if u feel, you can start op levels… uvhm is rough at the beginning but at least to me.became the only.mode worth playing

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I had a hard time playing UVHM from level 50 to 60 - and like someone mentioned - skills made no difference.

So I was thinking of quitting, and I did for a day or so, but I wanted to continue because there was always that ‘what if I try this’ in my mind…

But I was in a rut until I got a couple nice drops, and that enabled me to take on these enemies. So, I think legendary weapons are key to progress as much if not moreso.

So, you have to go to the areas where there are good drops. There are two good places: In the Dust where all the spiderants are, and Frostburn Canyon. Both of these areas are in the early game, so getting to it is easy. And both areas have goliath type enemies you can pop their heads off to assist in your farming.

In Frostburn you can get relics and a couple nice chests and I think I got a Harold from a loot midget there… and the Dust has AR rifles, sniper rifles, launchers, and mods.

If you start the Tiny Tina add-on there are Bee sheilds early on in the campaign.

So, in UVHM you have to emphasis looting over skills because you already know your skills - you just don’t have the equipment.

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IMO the thought should be that better weapons are the key to progress, not just legendary ones. Tru, some legendary gear does make life easier the Bee and legendary class mods for example) but some of the strongest builds in the game don’t rely on legendary gear- the Pimpernel, Sand Hawk, Rough Rider and Russtler’s Orphan Maker are all unique gear and make up the back bone of some top notch builds. Not only that but the Slagga (another unique weapon) can staight up kill as well as slag if it’s on level (and depending on the character using it of course). Part of the frustration with the game in UVHM comes from the belief that you NEED legendary gear to complete it. You don’t- it may make things easier but on level blue and purple gear- if it supports your build and play style- are just as effective to getting thru UVHM…


I specified legendary, but red text weapons are elite weapons and so I consider them equals.

They have trick qualities, and when you are going from TVHM to UVHM nothing less than either legendary or red text will do - in most cases.

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True- unless you want to challenge yourself by using less than ideal gear, as someone around these parts loves to do- after all, who would REALLY use the Landscaper? :wink:

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Well, I play Gaige 90% of the time. But if I was a gunzerker, I might be more inclined to a challenge.

Gaige seems like a Jill of All Trades, so she is versatile, but doesn’t excel without proper equipment. So, until properly equipped, you just tweak a lot for every situation and you’re not going to just run through a level killing everything in sight - like in the youtube videos. Those guys on youtube, they probably have 4 prestige levels. So, doing what they do on youtube… that’s not gonna happen overnight.

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For the record, I think the most gear dependent character is Sal. Lots of fun, but you need to set him up.

:raised_hand: It was an interesting piece of gear that I got better with after messing around with the Wombat in TPS. Combine it with a singularity nade for pretty entertaining results.

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I had started with Axton. Got my butt kicked alot, but I finally got to level 72 (UVHM). Then I proffered Maya, got her to level 72 (actually I got ALL characters to level 72)
Salvadore (aka Gunzerker) was my final character. I played him badly, at first, until I discovered the glory of the Unkempt Harold.
NOW, when in UVHM mode, my FIRST mission is to get the holy and sacred Grog Nozzle. The combination with the Unkempt Harold and the Grog Nozzle is NOT to be a force to be reckon with. As long as you do run out of ammo, Salvadore destroys EVERYTHING!!!

Damn, I love the Gunzerker… yeah, he is probably over powered… I don’t care, he is fun!