Is Wilhelm weak to fire?

I may be asking too early, as my Wilhelm is only level 8 in Normal, but it seems he takes a lot more damage - specifically DoT - when hit by fire than my Aurelia character did at the same level. Is he innately weak to fire? I mean, he takes one or two shots from a fire weapon and it’s good night Wilhelm - his life just flies out of him like water out of a broken pipe. Conversely, Aurelia just shrugged it off an didn’t seem to suffer dramatic DoT like Wilhelm seems to.

EDIT: Actually he seems to be weak to elemental damage of any type - just noticed the same thing with other elements; his life just sucks away more noticeably than Aurelia’s (only other character I played so I don’t know about the others).

Wilhelm and Aurelia both share the same elemental weaknesses. It may seem like Wilhelm is taking more damage due to the fact that, if you were dealing cryo damage as Aurelia while mobbing, you were probably recovering some health while the DoT was ticking away on you.

The only Vault Hunter with a different elemental weakness is Claptrap, who is weak to corrosive instead of fire.