Is Wilhelms death really Canon?

I think it’s well known, that there is a unused Audio file of Jack where he stated that he poisoned wilhelm, so the VH could kill him and take the power core. And a Lot of people say that this is Canon. So i asked my Brother (because he is REALLY in to the Lore or Canon of videogames) if this is actually canon. He said and i quote: “If it’s stated IN the actual game or was officially confirmed by the writers, then it’s Canon. But if it’s in the gamefiles but unused its not canon because it was never used so it never happened. It is unused for a reason.”
What Do you think? Is he right or wrong.

Wilhelm’s death in BL2 is Canon. The Vault Hunter (s) see to that. As for Jack poisoning Wilhelm to weaken him / contents of an unused audio file being Canon, I would argue No due to the fact it is unused.

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The title is really bad chosen…Yeah i actually mean the poison thing and not his Death in general.

There are many things in games that the creators (intentionally or not) leave unclear but hint towards something. It can be because there was not enough time to finish incorporating that “stuff” or because it is a clue that will be retaken in a future installment or simply the designer changed his/her mind.

The writers can officially confirm it or deny it or leave it ambiguous, I don’t care. To me, it’s cannon because somewhere along the way, someone seeded that idea, just like the unused script for Alien 3 the movie.

Oddly, i was reading the Handsome one’s reddit AMA earlier today and found this comment from him about Wilhelm:

Guess it would be interesting to know who from Gearbox was channeling Jack for reddit at that time…

It better be.

I really hope they bring him back somehow. He’s one of my favourite characers in the series. Since he was essentialy a machine in BL2, he could theoretically be rebuilt. Maybe even reprogrammed so he has a slightly less evil personality.