Is Windows Phone/Windows 10 app in plan?

I couldn’t see topic with same question, so I made a new one. AS you can see in the title? Is it in plan maybe? It could be done as UWP app, both for mobile/PCs.

I can only guess that if there were plans for a Windows Phone version, they would have released that one already.

But if your PC’s processor supports virtualization - which it should, given that even my 5 years old Lenovo notebook does - you could give Andy or BlueStacks a try.
That basically allows you to have a virtual Android tablet on your PC, enabling you to play Battleborn Tap after all. :wink:

I’m using Andy since my tablet’s battery died and I really wanted to download and try the game. It’s kind of addictive.

I would try tweeting at bee square games Twitter or the lead developer’s Twitter. (He’s retweeted on bee suare games Twitter constantly.)