Is Worthy of Song the most prestigious title?

WoS is the one I see mostly talked about, and the one people always like to share to others when they get it. Personally I find all the “in a single match” titles to be the most prestigious because it’s pure luck a single match will last long enough for you to get 25 kills, 30 assist, 60 team kills, or 12 kills with your ultimate skill. All the other titles just seem like it’s a lot of grinding to achieve. With the exception of Pentastrike! cause purely a miracle has to happen for that to be achieved.

What do you guys think? Is WoS the best title to get or do you think another title is much better?

Season Pass Holder is the best title. That or Elite!


It was when the game originally came out. Fours Sensitive is undoubtedly the hardest to achieve. Almost anyone can get WoS if they are good at the game and have a good matchup. Fours Sensitive takes forever to get and you have to be consistently dominant.


It’s not the most prestigious, Fours Sensitive holds that title for me.

Worthy of Song is just the mostly commonly seen because it’s the easiest to achieve of the “killer” titles.


This. Applying this title instantly grants you and all nearby team mates +25 skill, as well as increases the chance for enemy players to rage quit. When I 5-man with my mains and we all rock season pass holder we are an unstoppable force of death and destruction.


As the others said, Fours Sensitive takes the cake for the most prestigious title for me. Also, Pentastrike doesn’t require a miracle to happen, you can get it after a couple of tries if you really try hard with the right characters. It’s most definitely easier to achieve with melee characters in my opinion.


Thanks for the info. I had no idea that title did anything.

At this point in Battleborn’s life, Firstborn.

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A lot of the kill titles are really situational and usually are attained against bad teams.


Fours sensitive is the pinnacle.

To me WoS is far from the hardest to achieve anyways if you get the right set of circumstances.

Purely anecdotal, but I’ve seen a suggestive correlation between people who choose to wear their Worthy of Song and people who rage quit when you kill them…


Rocket Hawk.
Captain Amazing.
Master of Benedict.

Three best titles in the game.
Naw… naw… three SEXIEST titles in the game.


Take a deep breath before you dive into my most recent topic on the Competitive subforum. :stuck_out_tongue:

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To be bloody honest.

It’ll take awhile before something will be able to make me change my “Master of Phoebe” title.
Mastering her is pretty easy if you know what you’re doing, but Phoebe did become one of my mains, so…

I would say Angel of Death. That is a massive grind and whoever has that is the real MVP.

Angel of death is becoming much more common now the game has been around for a while.

I’ve seen quite a number of them around lately.

It was pretty impressive when I saw Morichan using it about a month after release lol.

EDIT: On another title related note I only need two more ‘widow of opportunities’ for the exterminator title.

Then I’ll only have Angel of Death, Medicinal Use Only, Pentastrike and (egad) Fours Sensitive to go.

What’s that? Nobody asked?

I personally kinda hate WoS. The match has to last a very long time and the enemy is absolutely miserable the entire match. Stomping noobs for 30 minutes is kind of cruel. I try really hard to get that title but I main support characters and despite going 19-0 several times I’ve never gotten 25-anything. I will try to crush every enemy in every match despite the enemies skill level until I get worthy of song and that just doesn’t seem like the right attitude to have but I’m going for every title so that’s what I must do.


God damn morichan… If ever there was a player to contribute to el dragon getting nerfed my money is on him…

A bit off-ish topic but it does pertain to Titles

Is anybody have Titles that wont unlock?

For instance, my “Worthy of Song” and many other (about 10) Titles all say 100% and have been at 100% for a while

But they are still “locked” and greyed out
Any fix to this?

I have the same issue with BADA BADA BOOM and Coopetition. Pretty sure they’re glitched and we have to report them.