Is Wotan dropping cartel anointments?

Does anyone know if Wotans dedicated drops, redistributors etc are currently dropping with the cartel anointments?

I’ve been farming the crap outta him since they did the hotfix last week but I haven’t seen a single 300/90 or 150 rad anointment. Do they even exist on these guns? Haha

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Yes, you can farm it.

I know I’ve seen people get it in the past. Have you gotten it since the latest hotfix?

yes i got a lot of drops since the hotfix 2 weeks ago. i am farming the 300 90 moonfire, currently got a kinetic and shock so far.

Damn, I must have really bad luck then lol. I usually get between 3-5 dedicated drops per run, probably did over 100 runs this week and have not seen a single anointment of 300/90, 150 rad or even Sentinel cryo lol


while waiting for patch i am just doing joey - takedown loop.

try to hit the legs as well, those also have a chance to drop the kybs, redis, tiggs and moonfire, just ignore the rest of the world drop legendaries since it does not scale to m10.

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I dont bother with leggs i just rocket launcher him into oblivion and top half too.

I average about two dedicated on regular takedown m10.

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Yea, I have no trouble taking him out, I just want those drops!

It’s ok though, gives me a project until the patch haha

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Does he still drop. Normal lvl 57 gear? Just wondering i played it a week ago or so and just decided… Nope… Nah… Forget this. Why? Because i wanted shields snd thry started dripoing coms only. The oatch thry said thry fixed wotans drops …his drops werent there. Then the next week…

Shields were coms on i had 0 shields drop
And wotan his drops were fixed but i saw normal non mayhem damage lvl gear in the mix . Ive never really know much about wotan despite killing it fast always the body flying part and brain. I see ppl say stuff about his leggs but i wouldnt know if i killed those as i used to electric and corrosive cutsman. Spraying his general direction but i just rocket launcher now.

I just wanna know i dont wanna necro any old wotan threads. I feel those players actually moved on too.