Is Xbox live down or just the BL servers?

Is it down or something else?

I dont think xblive is down but im having connectivity issues too atm. :man_shrugging:

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I went to the XBox live status website. Even that one is down and it just shows spinning Xbox on my mac. Weird.

I hope the Covid didn’t infect the servers (lol)

I restarted my XBox and, when it came back up, none of the XBL services were showing - couldn’t send messages, and none of the ad panels were showing content. The SHIFT web site is still up. Guessing it’s either a backbone or MS server issue.


My local supermarket, Tesco, their cash registers went offline earlier…i hope these incidents arent linked!:joy::rofl:

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Your local Tesco? Probably just the cleaner plugging the vacuum cleaner in to the same power bar as the server, tripping the fuse, and taking out the whole PoS network.

Unless you regularly have to fend of skaggs and rakk while wandering the produce aisle…

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Someone tripped because Wotan is about to spawn :rofl:

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I signed right in with no incident. MS is usually pretty quick with response time to downed connection tho IME.