Is your Athena not strong enough already?!

Credit to MaG Boshidar for the idea. I just did what I do best, I optimized (kinda) a preexisting build.

If you all like this and I get the dude’s permission I could make this a build since this unlocks Athena’s full potential while mobbing, which she usually struggles to do.


[quote=“khimerakiller, post:1, topic:1207436”]since this unlocks Athena’s full potential while mobbing, which she usually struggles to do.[/quote]I don’t know if I’d say she struggles with mobbing, but she’s definitely in steamroll mode here :acmomg:

This is definitely on my list of things to try with her.


I’m definitely not saying she lacks the stopping power, not by a long shot. Just the 999 stacks part. :wink:

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And here am I, getting a average of 400/500 stacks in the build I run. Damn man.

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If I understand how this works, you’re using the cryo Company Man to maintain the huge stack for the non-shock bonuses by keeping Flash Freeze up. You use a handful of Quasars to get the stack count super high, and with points in Elemental Barrage, your weapons don’t consume ammo (plus fire rate and shield buffs from other stuff).

I might consider a point in Hades Shackles… for one point, it can add a lot of stacks fast, especially with the Quasar since it can be used to draw enemies within range and group them in your line of sight (plus I find that skill insanely entertaining).

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I think those are Stormfronts.

Nice vid! Now try to make the logans gun work on Athena lol :grinning:.


If that is ever going to work it will probably be on this build. But side note you can make it work quite well on Nisha considering it’s rep. I.E it was killing UBA Trojans before my kill skills ran out.

@boombumr just for you.


Well, that was entertaining, and informative. Thank you very much. :grin:

If you don’t mind, I got one more challenge for you. Try the wombat and see if you can make it work. That would be amazing!

Your welcome. I love how these forums get me to do stuff I would have never tried on my own. It keeps a game like TPS very fresh. :bldancing:

My pre-challenge guess is it will do as good or better thanks to the x3 multiplier cryo gives explosive, but I’ll still do it tomorrow if I have time.

Looking forward to it. Maybe you could show it to @Derch since the gun always depresses the hell out of him for TGtBatU lol.

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I didn’t say I can’t make it work, I just don’t like it or think its designed well

I know, but maybe seeing it do stuff will make you feel a bit better. Last time you covered the gun you had to take a break, so maybe seeing someone kill things with it will make it easier for you.


Seriously though, I love the Wombat (and Moonscaper for that matter); the low gravity/jump assist in TPS just makes them that much easier to use than their Landscaper analogue from BL2 (and this is one of my favorite Torgue shotguns in the game). They don’t need 999 stacks of Maelstrom to do well. Heck, I think any weapon will be just fine given frozen, stationary targets with insane fire rates and zero ammo consumption (and all the other buffs she’s got from that insane stack count). Gaige might go so far as to accuse her of breaking the game.

I would be interested in seeing what the Torguemada looks like with this build :stuck_out_tongue:

@Chuck80 got to 2:08. Its probably improper form, but with this build you don’t really need it.

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Just curious: Why the company man and not the Fridgia ?
You would get better freeze chances, it swaps faster and it has no recoil either.

Its much better at range in case I need it and it has reverse recoil which IMO is better. And my swap speed, fire rate, and elemental effect chance is so high the difference at close range isn’t really that noticeable.

CM 8 x 8.0% = 40%
Fridgia 2 x 30% = 60%

That’s not exactly how to calculate it (otherwise some guns would have 100%…which isn’t true)
And it doesn’t take into account that the Fridgia has twice the fire rate (so it should be 4 x 30%)
but I get your point

Reverse recoil isn’t better than no recoil though: the first one gets max accuracy after a few shots. The other starts at max accuracy…and stays there.

Company man does have better accuracy though, so it may be better overall.

I wonder what would happen if you walked over the grenades with that many stacks. Probably insta-death.

And let me just put on record that I am severely disappointed that you didn’t completely gib things with 999 stacks of maelstrom and an explosive weapon. So sad. :cry:

All right, that’s it from me. I can’t think of anything else. Only other challenge I can throw out there is to try this on last gen consoles and see how far you can go before they freeze lol. :grin: