Is your Athena not strong enough already?!

I know but on that other thread you said OFEoY Nisha w/ shield bypass luneshine has 60% chance to bypass shields so I though is was fine to simplify.

I terms of these 2 guns (one have a fixed horse spread) and with my FR making the CM basically have instant max accuracy, I’d still say its better.

Yeah I just put the base chance per shot. But like I said the reliability at range is much more valuable to me at least, and I have 9 seconds to get my next freeze so in the end it doesn’t really matter. If I actually make this a build I’ll pour a lot more time into this kinda stuff, but these were just quick showcases to show proof of concept.

It is: she REALLY gets 60% chance, not 30% chance twice :stuck_out_tongue:
Kinda like how crit bonus stack

Yup, a couple runs ended this way.

That’s why we have the Badaboom and Ravager. :wink:

Fair enough :slightly_smiling:

Have you tested it before? Just curious since I have always assumed it worked the other way.

Wow. 9/5 FF can really hold up stacks. It’s better than I thought, being honest.
Nice videos. I used to run a DoT build and use FF to keep the stacks through packs and Blood Rush to close the gap quickly. But I wasnt using EB and SW to gain free ammo and fire rate. I just but slammed to activate Hades Shackles and Overload took care of business with the Dragon COM boost. But it was back in TVHM and I dont know how it would work right now.

Anyway, amazing job here. Congrats!

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I have not done a proper testing session but I have played with it enough to be confident or that.

This could be easy to test with the armored dummy and a fire gun by checking the damage dealt.

I cannot do that soon however: I got a small concussion at work and the doc forbid me from playing video games for the next week or so (In fact, I shouldn’t even be writing this.)

I hope you get well soon. :+1:


[quote=“Chuck80, post:27, topic:1207436”]the doc forbid me from playing video games for the next week or so[/quote]oh hell no… what’s it going to do, make your concussion worse? Seems like it might cause some discomfort if your brain is still trying to get things together, but I can’t imagine it would do anything to the healing process. #advicefromstrangers

Also, I thought those three bandages on your forehead were a reflection of something from your monitor at first :laughing:

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It could aggravate the headaches I already have daily whenever I do something that require mental stimulation (like…my job) I’ll pass for now :stuck_out_tongue:

Can’t do white because of rarity restrictions :confused:


Some of the mobbing sections in this game aren’t as dense as others. How does this build do with shorter / more spaced out opportunities to build Maelstrom? For example, how difficult would it be to take this build through the main game / DLC campaign?

I never tried, but theoretically so long as you freeze an enemy once every 9 seconds you’d be good. You don’t even have to kill them.

Hint: Freezing yourself stops Maelstrom stack decay as well. Just freeze yourself and wait until you unfreeze to do it again and you will infinitely have 999 stacks. I don’t know if the Frostfire can cause this, but if it does it’s probably your best bet. Just replace your Bomber Oz kit with an Acrobat Oz kit to counter the reduced movement speed.

If you test it out, I’d love it if you’d tell me your results.

I ran some tests with the Frostfire and got some odd and disappointing results. Not only does freezing yourself with it not proc Flash Freeze, freezing enemies with it doesn’t seem to either! Weakkk

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How else would you freeze yourself? Grenades?

Or any radial damage.

  • Rockets
  • Boss Nova
  • Vladof/SCAV/Dahl rifles with Torgue barrels
  • Boomacorn
  • Ect…

Hmmm…I would say the original way is best. Carry on sir!
Also, you should post a Mutator run with Cryo!!