Is your character info tied to your account or is there a cloud save somewhere?

I fully intend to purchase BL3 from the Epic store but I’d rather not if I had the chance. I want to play it on Steam. With that said: Is there any way I could transfer over my character data when it becomes available on Steam?

The thing I’m trying to avoid is having to level up and farm all the best loot on the Epic version then having to purchase the game again only for none of my character data to be able to go on Steam. That means I’d have to do double work.

I faced similar issues back during BL2 when I went from xbox to playstation due to a crash and lost everything and spent hours upon hours farming my perfect loot again.

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bl3 will be on unreal engine 4, not 3 like the previous games. So, no one knows how the saves will work.

Well last time I checked Epic did not provide cloud saves. So unless they change that before launch your data is local on your computer and you would have to manually transfer it if you wanted to move to a different one.

This is what I’m hoping for, as long as its stored locally migrating shouldn’t be a problem. I plan to do the same.

Well the other question or part of the equation is whether or not there would be some small change to the files making them incompatible. But we wont know that until someone tries.

I know that you can transfer Borderlands 2 files to xbox 360 and to the one . But im not sure if they will be the same for BL3.

Anyone know if you can cloud save yet? In the same situation.

On PC, saves are local. Epic does now have a cloud save function available, but some folks seem to be having issues with it with BL3. If you’re in the same boat, I suggest contacting Epic support about this, since it functions independently of the game.

Okay, well if anyone has progress with this, please post here. Thanks! :slight_smile:

Unfortunately that article doesn’t really address cloud saves at all, just the location of the local save files. (And if you’d played one of the previous games, none of the other information in there would be new.)