Is Zane's barrier counterproductive when you do a lot of clone swapping?

I’m pretty new to using Zane, but I have a general idea of how his skills work. I wanted to go heavy into the clone tree, and have it leveled to the capstone. I find that to make the clone effective I have to reposition it a lot in order to get a good line of sight on enemies. For this style of play, would any use of the barrier be kind of counterproductive? Is it better to use the drone to debuff and strip shields while the clone does its thing?

It’s not counterproductive, but the Drone or MNTIS are probably better.

Now that enemies aren’t doing mayhem level damage there is almost no reason to run barrier. I was messing around with Mantis and Sentinel last night and was never really threatened.

Kinda wish you could choose to enable mayhem damage, I like the challenge.

I did a respec and tried it out…barrier didn’t seem that great. The only little niche thing I liked about it was giving the clone a cryo infinity and then protecting myself so the duration could keep resetting. But holy crap was it boring…took forever to whittle enemies down.

So, what are the most effective augments on the drone? For a long time I had been using the shield stripping and debuffing, but I have enough for rockets now. Tried the rockets that you call in as a sort of mortar strike, but I wasn’t sure if I was hitting anything, or if they’re just weak.

Yea, I just use the rad dose and the shield strip. The one where you call down rockets doesn’t do great damage on mayhem 10 and I think you only get 1 use per activation of the drone, but I could be wrong. I haven’t really messed around with the cryo or the other augment for the drone too much. The shield stripping augment is fairly useful by itself

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Throwing a dome shield around your clone can probably solo nearly any basic mob encounter. So…there’s that.