Is Zero similiar to Lilith, playstyle wise?

Hey guys.

I have a Zero at 50 something, but that was back from when Borderlands 2 had just been released, and I didnt really worry about learning his skills too well, just on picking up powerful weapons and relying on my co-op team mates to see me through.

Since then, i finally played BL1 around last new year and took Lilith from 1-69, had a blast doing so.

How similiar, if at all, to Lil’s phasewalk is Zero’s Deception?

Can you guys give me some tips for someone who has not played Zero in years but has been playing BL titles almost exclusively since BL2 release?

I only played a little of Lilith and a heck of a lot more as Zer0.

Decepti0n and Phasewalk are similar in one way: You can sneak around and get into tactical positions, eg sneak behind a crate, or use it to get the heck out of there!

Took guide link down for now due to stuff…

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Decepti0n, unlike Phasewalk (I believe) grants you a higher damage bonus for the shot/melee that brings you out of this mode based on how close you are to the end of the timer. With Lilith, it was a pretty good tactic to proc Phasewalk repeatedly because you got the full damage (and entry/exit bonuses) regardless of how long you were under. With Zer0, there’a an incentive to wait as long as you can before coming out. Lilith can also, I think, cover way more ground than Zer0 can while invisible (without extending this time with kills).

Biggest thing is that Lilith is invulnerable while Phasewalking, Zero is not while in Decepti0n (i.e. you can’t save yourself from damage that is about to put you into FFYL with Decepti0n).

To me, Zero is like a mix between Lilith and Mordecai.
Deception is a bit similar to Phasewalk, but not much in my opinon. I hated Phasewalk. I love Deception.