Isac's Skins: Why are they so awful?

Sorry, but those skins just look terrible. They look like a toddler chewed up some chalk pastels and spat them onto a mesh model.

He must have been one of the last characters to get outfitted or your skin designers must really hate Isac, because there is no detail to his color swaps. Even his virtual skull looks like someone just used an autofill tool than popped it off to production.

Just awful…

Most skins are just pretty bad. I was really hoping that the skins that were just released in the marketplace were actually different costumes and not just color overlays.

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I really really like his default skin, I think the white and gold just fits his design and personality so well.

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I agree, infact most of the base skins look good.

You would think that as the other skins are just color variations, they would be close to the same level of quality as the original. Yet they’re not. Some character’s swaps are comparable, yet others… just look like they were slapped together haphazardly ½ assed.

It’s sad really…

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Looking over my characters rank 10+ I have: Ambra, ISIC, Benedict, Phoebe, Reyna, Kleese and Shayne & Aurox.
Of those I use the default skin on: ISIC and Kleese.
I use the white faction pack skin on Ambra, Shayne & Aurox because I really like the white skin look.
I use the mastery skin on Phoebe, because I find the purple and black matches her personality well.
For Reyna I use a random faction pack skin (Rapscallion), but there really isn’t a skin I like that much for her.
And for Benedict I use gold eagle, because covering himself in Gold is definetly something Benedict would do. Though I am very tempted to get the Murri-Caw skin.

I personally don’t mind the default skin being the best looking skin, as long as the others aren’t objectively worse. And that has been the case with most MOBA’s I have played, where the default skin is usually a good bet unless there is a specific look you are going for.