Isaiah's loot safe?

So I was derping around in Concordia and I used the jump pad to cross the drop, and I landed on the ledge just above the Meriff’s office elevator door. I noticed a safe and opened it, but suddenly my screen has cartoon puppies and unicorns floating up it! I look closer at the safe and realize it’s got a special design: Skull and crossbones on top, striped sides, and inside it says “Isaiah’s loot, hands off!” All that was inside was a bit of cash. Anybody else see this before?

Yeah pretty sure this is a reference to Tiny Tina from BL2 it gives you health regen. Some one else will be able to back me up with more info.

Googled it and apparently I wasn’t first to find it, sadly. But it looks to be a Gaige reference actually, it’s her skull and cross bones on top and the cartoons is apparently from one of her skills.

Isaiah might be a biblical reference as I googled “Isaiah’s loot” and the lines from Isaiah 42:22 came up, which are about looting and plundering. Aka, 50% of borderlands :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m pretty sure Isaiah was a Borderlands fan that died and his favorite character was Gaige. Kind of like that guy who used to give you a blue gun in town in Borderlands 2. I forget his name.

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Anarchy-like Strongbox in Concordia? Anarchy-like Strongbox in Concordia.


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I suppose Isaiah lives on in the forums as well as the game

Theres an article about it on gear box softwares website. It’s a name of a kid that was sick or something like that. And his favorite character was gaige. So the devs squeezed in that easter egg for him. And thats his signature inside the box.